​Terry’s Chocolate Orange is bringing back a limited-edition white chocolate orange

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Terry’s Chocolate Oranges are an iconic part of the holiday season. For many people, it just wouldn’t be Christmas if there wasn’t a chocolate orange in their stocking. The chocolate company has been a part of our holiday memories for decades, and cracking open that first chocolate orange of the season is proof-positive that Santa is almost on his way.

And now, Terry’s has made an important announcement to get us excited for the orange-chocolatey 2020 holiday season.

First, the brand teased us on Instagram on Aug. 10, writing mysteriously that “something special and chocolatey this way comes.”


A couple of days later, another Instagram video tempted us to guess what the company’s latest creation might be, hinting that it’ll be “big, round, delicious and snow-colored.”


Then they dropped the veil and revealed via Instagram video that they are bringing back the White Chocolate Orange!


We say it’s coming “back” because Terry’s White Chocolate Orange has made some appearances over the years. Dedicated Chocolate Orange lovers will recall that the “Snowball” married together white chocolate and intense orange flavor.

And soon, for a limited time, Terry’s White Chocolate Oranges can be yours.

Needless to say, chocolate-loving fans on Twitter are delighted. Twitter user @HannahCookee feels that the urge to find these white chocolate oranges is a need, not a want.


And @Cakepips celebrated the fact that the perfect harmony of orange and chocolate is accessible even before the first snowfall of the season.

If you haven’t seen any Terry’s White Chocolate Oranges (or even the traditional Chocolate Oranges) on your store shelves, don’t fret. There are other sweet concoctions to satisfy your citrus-based chocolate cravings.

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks are always a good bet, or if all else fails, turn to Pepperidge Farms Orange Chocolate Milanos.

You can also check out Cadbury’s new orange-flavored additions to its chocolate lineup for another British confection, including Cadbury’s new orange-flavored versions of its Dairy Milk Chocolate Buttons and Dairy Milk Chocolate Fingers.

The brand also confirmed on Twitter that it’s bringing back the beloved Cadbury Twirl Orange.

Of course, you can always take matters into your own hands and satisfy your sweet tooth by making this Glazed Chocolate Chip Orange Bread. And then mail us a slice, too, won’t you?

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