These 10 Banks Are All Hiring For Jobs Paying Over $100K

These days, there may not be a better place to earn money than in the financial sector. Earlier this month, the job site Indeed, via Business Insider, put together a list of ten financial services businesses that have job openings for positions paying over $100,000 a year. If you have experience in this sector, you might want to check out this list and then update your resume.

1. Bank of America

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Founded in 1904 in San Francisco, The Charlotte-based banking giant has a reported 104 jobs open that pay over $100,000.

2. Wells Fargo

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Wells Fargo was founded in 1852 (hence the stagecoach logo) and according to Indeed has 104 open jobs in the $100,000+ category.

3. BNP Paribas

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Business Insider reports that the French bank has 127 jobs that pay over $100,000.

4. Santander

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This bank is based in Boston, and is part of the Spanish Santander Group. They have a reported 162 positions open at the $100,000+ mark.

5. U.S. Bank


The Minneapolis-based banking company last week showed 241 open positions paying $100,000 or more.

6. Capital One


This bank is a relative newcomer, founded in 1994. Business Insider reports 373 open positions at $100,000 and above.

7. PNC Bank

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The Pittsburgh-based PNC shows 373 jobs available above the $100,000 level, per Business Insider.

8. Deutsche Bank

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Germany’s banking power was founded in 1870. Check here for their list of 460+ jobs at the magic number of $100,000+.

9. Citi

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Citi has almost a quarter of a million employees worldwide. Here’s where to find their list of reported 464 $100,000+ opportunities.

10. JPMorgan Chase

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Business Insider reports that you can currently find over 1,000 open positions at JPMorgan Chase that offer $100,000 and up.