These are the 10 best cities in the U.S. for those who love coffee

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If you’re someone whose day only starts once they’ve ingested a cup (or three) of coffee, and you can easily explain the difference between a flat white and a latte, you may just be interested in visiting one of the United States’ top 10 cities for coffee drinkers.

While you may be sure that your hometown is already a java addict’s heaven—and certain that your barista is the best coffee bean whisperer on the planet—WalletHub recently released its rankings of the top 100 large cities in the United States for coffee drinkers. It used 14 different criteria in order to rank the cities, including each hub’s number of coffee shops per capita, the price of a pound of coffee, how much the average household spends on java, and even the number of Google searches in each city for the term “coffee.”

Personally, that sounds like pretty strict criteria to me. Going by WalletHub’s report, cities like Laredo, Texas and Toledo, Ohio weren’t superb places to grab a good coffee—but the top 10 cities below may be worth a road trip.

1. Seattle, WA

Seattle, Washington came in first place—which shouldn’t be surprising, considering that the rainy city is the hometown of coffee giant Starbucks. If you head over to check out some of Seattle’s top coffee shops, swing by the original Starbucks café on Pike Place. Travel and Leisure claims it’s the best place in the city to grab a flat white.

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2. Portland, OR

It seems like coffee lovers stick together. The second best city for coffee drinkers can be found just one state south of Washington, in Portland, Oregon. The city has a bunch of quirky options on offer for coffee drinkers, including Deadstock Coffee‘s LeBronald Palmer drink (which mixes sweet tea, coffee and lemonade in a single drink), Never Coffee Lab‘s Phuket brew (coffee infused with chilis, toasted coconut and lime leaves) and Tov‘s Egyptian and Turkish coffee (which are served in a double-decker bus).

portland photo
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3. San Francisco, CA

Chalk up another win for the west coast. San Francisco residents like to spend a pretty penny on their morning latte, and they have the third highest average spending on coffee per household, according to WalletHub. Fortunately, they have plenty of places to do so, since San Francisco ties with New York and Seattle for the city with the most coffee shops per capita. Visiting? Try hitting at least one café on Culture Trip’s list of top ten coffee shops in the city.

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4. New York, NY

Not only does New York have one of the highest numbers of coffee shops per capita, but it also comes in first place for the number of donut shops sprinkled throughout the city. In town? Kill two birds with one stop by checking out the city’s brand new artisanal doughnut and coffee bar.

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5. Los Angeles, CA

And yet another West coast city makes it into the top five! Downtown Los Angeles is home to some pretty Instagram-friendly cups of coffee. Before you go on a celebrity house tour or head to the beach, swing by Intelligentsia’s very first café or linger in one of the coffee shops said to be beloved by local stars.

los angeles photo
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6. San Diego, CA

Last of the California cities to make it onto the top 10 list, but not least, San Diego’s coffee scene is reportedly “having a moment,” with craft coffee shops springing up all over the city. Want to hit all of the city’s top spots at once? Participate in San Diego’s annual Caffeine Crawl, which helps showcase some of the best cafés—from emerging talent to long-standing meccas.

san diego photo
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7. Chicago, IL

As it turns out, the windy city is also quite well-caffeinated. It ties with New York as one of the easiest places to score a donut (with most donut shops per capita) and its most innovative coffee shops offer up spicy coffees (featuring cayenne and coconut milk), java that tastes like cookie butter (sign me up) and boozy lattes.

chicago photo
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8. Denver, CO

Considering that Denver is a bit of a jumping-off point for those headed to the Rocky Mountains, the city’s desire to stay caffeinated makes sense. From cafés that only offer no-nonsense brews (no unicorn frappuccinos to be found here) to coffee shops that let you taste concoctions from around the globe, Denver’s got a busy coffee scene going.

denver photo
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9. Boston, MA

Okay, Boston is known for its coffee. Several Boston cafés and restaurants rotate their roasters regularly in order to give Boston residents access to a wide variety of fun flavors, and there are several coffee shops that regularly make top 10 lists in the city (and the country!), including Pavement Coffee House and Render Coffee.

boston photo
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10. Washington, DC

Last—but certainly not least—the country’s capital is the final spot to round out the top 10 American cities for coffee lovers. While Starbucks can be found everywhere in Washington, the city is also home to some pretty fantastic specialty coffee shops in gorgeous locales. Pick up a cup of java before you head off to snap some pictures of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

washington photo
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With any luck, you’re already living in one of the nation’s top spots for coffee drinking. If not, come and join me—I think it’s high time for a road trip.

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