10 Awesome Novelties That You May Have Forgotten About

With each generation comes more sophisticated items on the market, which makes the products from our childhood seem so simple by comparison. To remind you of the good times (or the bad times, if your Pet Rock died), here are 10 brands from your childhood that you may have forgotten about.

1. Precious Moments

Their eyes tell the story. Every single one of these figurines has puppy-dog eyes, waiting for a home. And yes, they were precious, weren’t they?


2. Garbage Pail Kids

The exact opposite of the Cabbage Patch Kids, these trading cards were all the rage. Today, they’re making a comeback, with cards like Dueling Donald and Chuckling Clinton.


3. Bazooka Bubble Gum

Before Garbage Pail Kids (or even Pokémon), Bazooka Bubble Gum had some pretty cool baseball trading cards to collect, in addition to the gum’s iconic in-wrapper comics.


4. Laurel Burch Jewelry

Not only was the jewelry beautiful, but Laurel Burch’s story was just as beautiful. She made her first earrings from bones and old coins, all while in bed with osteoporosis.


5. Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid’s still around these days, but it’s not as ubiquitous as it was when we were kids. While there haven’t been many recent sightings of the Kool-Aid Man bursting through the walls, there have been millions of people entering a room, mimicking the Kool-Aid Man’s famous phrase: “Oh, yeah!”


6. Pet Rock

Millions of kids had pet rocks, complete with a little nest and a carrying box. I can imagine one eulogy going something like this:

RIP, Jeff. You were my rock when I needed you most.”


7. Fraggle Rock

This TV series about underground Muppets was created by Jim Henson and ran for five seasons, from 1983-1987.


8. Atari

Before Nintendo, Playstations and Xboxes, there was the mother of all video game systems. That one joystick and “Pong” was all that was needed to have a good time.


9. Pac-Man

Sometimes the simple games about a yellow circle eating fruit and dots are the best—and timeless. Who remembers this joystick that was specifically designed for the Pac-Man game?


10. Swatch Watches

These colorful watches were all the rage back in the 1980s.


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