Here Are 10 Of The Coolest Gadgets You’ll See This Year

If you haven’t heard of CES, it’s basically a giant party for consumer technology products. It’s this time of year, then, that we get to hear about all the coolest upcoming products and gadgets that just can’t wait to make our lives easier.

Held in Las Vegas, this year’s show featured more than 3,800 companies and hosted over 165,000 people. While there are way too many awesome products to list here, we did select ten of our absolute favorite gadgets we want to buy, like, yesterday.

1. Plume Wearable Pollution Scanner

With air pollution becoming unavoidable, especially in big cities, this is a huge invention. Plume measures particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, volatile organic compounds, temperature and humidity. The idea behind Plume is to help you monitor and reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals and pollutants in the air and help you get somewhere cleaner.


2. Polaroid Pop Camera

Everything old is new again with this retro offering from Polaroid. Made in the original 3 inch x 4 inch size, this photo-printing camera also features an LCD touchscreen that lets you see the picture before you develop it. Prints are high-quality, and the party value of this nifty gadget is undeniable.

3. Willow Wireless Breast Pump

This wireless breast pump from Willow will be every new mother’s saving grace. Discreet, easy to use, silent (!), and, most of all, hands free, this breast pump is the way of the future.

No irritating nozzles, no tangled tubes—just the Willow and you. Plus the accompanying app tracks all the data you need. Prices are high ($429.99 when the product launches in the spring), but the company is currently working to make the pump affordable to more mothers.

4. Dish AirTV

Though this technically isn’t a gadget, it’s still fun and tech-y and above all, useful, so it gets a spot on this list. AirTV combines streaming and live-air broadcast TV which is a far cry from the back-and-forth between the two that is currently standard.

The interface slots streaming services like Netflix and other TV apps right next to live channels. Plus, it’s only $130 which is a relative bargain in today’s television world. It’s already available for purchase, so excuse us while we run and get one.

5. LEGO Boost Robots

Full disclosure: I still miss playing with LEGOs. They’re the best toy ever. And while Lego has had robot toy sets for years, they’ve always been complicated and, quite frankly, too much effort.

So LEGO Boost is a welcome change. Using the accompanying app, you can simply drag-and-drop different actions to control your robot! This instead of having to actually write the code for the commands, which is somewhat out of reach for most of us.

The kit has five different projects: a cat, a guitar, a bulldozer and more. Let’s just be honest: this is the gadget of all gadgets. We need it. (Unfortunately we’ll have to wait until August 2017 to get it.)

6. Hulu Live TV

Though again, this technically isn’t a gadget, Hulu’s live TV streaming service is definitely something we’re excited about. Hulu is planning to combine its already great streaming service with live options, creating a whole new product.

You won’t have to switch between on-demand and live action anymore, and Hulu will even offer a built-in cloud DVR. For some programs, you’ll be able to start the show from the beginning, even if you start your DVR recording late.

The interface will launch in the next few months and will cost less than $40 a month, which is an incredible deal. Suffice it to say, we’re ready to be couch potatoes.

7. Zera Food Recycler

This is one of those sleek, fancy gadgets that warrants the price tag because it’s just. so. cool. Also, it’s good for the earth, so win-win. The Whirlpool’s Zera Food Recycler helps you make your own fertilizer with the touch of a button.

Whether you want your summer tomatoes to be better than ever or you just want to reduce the amount of waste your family throws out, the Food Recycler is your go-to. It even has a carbon filter installed so you won’t smell a thing as you quickly and easily create your own personal supply of compost.

The Food Recycler will retail for $1,199 later this year, according to Engadget, but you can still get one by supporting its Indiegogo campaign for $899 right now.

8. Chrysler Portal Minivan

Remember how I said everything old is new again? Well, the minivan is no exception, and Chrysler has put out an unbelievably cool one.

The Portal is completely electric and looks like something out of Star Trek (those doors?!). Plus, the Portal concept includes “Level 3 autonomous driving.” Yep—that means it has the option to be a self-driving car. Someone still needs to be behind the wheel just in case, but the car will basically do its own thing 99 percent of the time. The car isn’t on the market yet, but when it is…well, we’ll be behind its wheel.

9. Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

Are your feet cold? Is your significant other snoring? Is your back sweaty? Smart Bed is here to fix all of those things for you. No, seriously. It has a heated strip at the bottom to warm frigid feet, can automatically adjust up or down to account for snoring and can adapt to “ideal mattress settings” while you’re asleep to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

Sleep Number will introduce the 360 beds throughout the year, and plans to offer a variety of mattress and bases. You can expect the cost to be close to the brand’s existing products. If it means the most peaceful night of sleep ever, we’ll take it.

10. Fisher Price Smart Cycle

Though technically grownups can’t use this cool toy, it was so interesting we had to include it here. The Smart Cycle is a kid-sized exercise bike with a tablet stand stuck to the front. Kids pedal to play the attached game, killing two birds with one stone.

The bike is for children ages 3-6, and will debut around June or July for $150. The bike will come with one free game, Mission to Tech City, which offers a literary curriculum. Additional apps for the tablet will cost $5 a pop, and will include apps like one from Nickelodeon, such as a “SpongeBob SquarePants” app that focuses on teaching science and social studies.

While this reminds us ever so slightly of this “Black Mirror” episode, where people live their lives among screens and earn money/points by cycling on stationary bikes, the Smart Cycle’s also a practical invention. You know your kids are going to screen time, so why not incorporate exercise at the same time?