10 Cozy Pieces Of Furniture You’ll Want In Your Home, Stat!

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When decorating your house, you definitely don’t have to stick to stuffy sofas or rigid chairs. There are plenty of pieces that look beautiful but will also have you wanting to curl up into a ball and relax with a good book. If you’re someone who likes to get cozy at home, you’ll want to pick some furniture that matches that lifestyle.

Here are 10 cozy pieces of furniture that you’ll definitely want around your house.

1. Free Hug Sofa

Living by yourself doesn’t have to be lonely. Get some hugs from this cuddly sofa that will have you feeling wrapped up, safe and warm.

Lee Eun Kyoung

Lee Eun Kyoung, not yet available

2. Faux Fur Accent Chair

Just because it’s an accent chair doesn’t mean it has to be stiff. Invite your guests to nestle in with this faux flokati chair.


World Market, $251.99

3. Inchworm

If you miss the days of your cradle, you’ll enjoy this encapsulating piece of furniture, aptly named The Inchworm. The cushions wrap around you when you lay down, making it a cozy spot to read a book or just relax.

Alexandra Knyazevoy

Furniture Design, not yet available

4. Hanging Cocoons.

Who said you can only get cozy inside? These hanging cocoons can bring all the cuddles outdoors.

Graham and Green

Hammacher Schlemmer, $399.95

5. Seatcraft Cuddle Seat

If you like to watch movies curled up against your significant other, these chairs are for you. You’ll no longer feel smushed, as these chairs are made for two.


4Seating, $899

6. A Papasan Chair

This plush chair not only adds an accent to the room, but it provides a nice, comfy cushion to set your bum down on after a long day. Nothing says “curl up here” like a papasan

Pier 1

Pier 1 Imports, $119.95 for the frame and cushion (sold separately)

7. Cradle For Adults

You’ll feel just like widdle tiny baby when you cozy up into this cradle made for adults. This beautifully-crafted wooden piece of furniture is as aesthetically appealing as it is comfortable.

Yanko Design

Yanko Design, not yet available

8. Rohini Daybed Cushion

If you need the perfect place to nap, you’ll enjoy this daybed cushion. It’s perfect for a nook or use two stacked to spruce up a corner and transform it into your own relaxation spot.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters, $159

9. Sling Chair

This Dries Leather Sling Chair is like the grown-up version of the wicker papasan. How cozy would this be with a warm throw?

West Elm, $559

10. Baby Relax Double Rocker

If you’ve got a new baby at home or one on the way, there’s nothing cozier than a rocker for the nursery. There’s also nothing less cozy than squishing your way into it, which is where the beauty of this extra-wide rocker comes in.

Amazon, $279