10 Delicious Slow Cooker Wing Recipes For A Hassle-Free Game Day

Whether you’re super into sports or more into the snacks (like I am), you’re going to love these easy, but delicious wing recipes that you can make in your crock-pot. Add the chicken and the sauce and let your slow cooker do the rest of the work.

Nobody wants to spend their game day in the kitchen when they could be cheering on their team (or munching on chips and queso) instead. Try any of these 10 recipes the next time a game is on.

1. Buffalo Wings

You can’t go wrong with this classic buffalo chicken recipe that is sure to spice up your game day.

Amazing Appetizer Recipes

2. Teriyaki Wings

A little sweet, a little spicy— these teriyaki wings are the best of both worlds.

Betty Crocker

3. Honey BBQ Wings

Sweeten up that BBQ flavor by adding a little honey to this classic wing recipe. It’s sure to be finger-lickin’ good.

Mom Spotted

4. Chipotle Lime Wings

Lime juice will perfectly compliment the spicy chipotle in these chicken wings.

Ethan Calabrese

5. Peach Chipotle Wings

Peach is an unexpected pairing, but a sweet, juicy fruit will bring a unique flavor to regular old chipotle chicken.

peach chicken

6. Garlic Parmesan Wings

Bring the taste of Italy to your game day spread with this flavorful garlic and parmesan wing recipe.

Ethan Calabrese

7. General Tso’s Wings

Brown sugar will sweeten this sour and spicy sauce. Making wings that are just as tasty as they are hot. Get the recipe.

Ethan Calabrese

8. Spicy Honey Garlic

Cayenne pepper adds a kick to this honey and garlic filled recipe.

Garlic My Soul

9. Buffalo Ranch

Nothing goes together like buffalo sauce and ranch, so why not combine the flavors into one sauce? It takes out the added step of having your wings with a side of ranch, which means less clean-up and quicker eating.

Ethan Calabrese

10. Honey Mustard

Spicy mustard packs a punch in these wings because mustard-based barbecue sauce is a good way to mix up your BBQ eating.

Magic Skillet

These wings are sure to be fall-off-the-bone tender, and it’s all because you let them sit in the crock-pot. Delicious food without the work— you’re going to have the best game day spread on the block.

Good thing you’ve got plenty of wings to chow down on. Enjoy! And, oh yeah, I nearly forgot— go team!

[h/t: Delish]