10 Clever And Fun DIY Ways To Organize Your Desk

Organization and cleanliness can have a serious impact on productivity, at least for most people. But for some, organization means spending too much time creating detailed calendars or filing boring papers into a complicated filing system. Thankfully, not all organization has to boring and tedious. There are so many fun DIY ways to organize your desk, helping you be more productive and creative.

1. Make A Painted Storage Box

Grab a plain wooden box from an arts and crafts store, and use tape, acrylic paint and little metal label holders to make your own fun storage boxes. Real Simple suggests this tutorial from Tell Love and Chocolate. Pretty painted storage boxes give you organization with spunk and personalization.


2. Create A Geometric Pencil Holder

All you need is a downloadable template, a mat board, craft glue, wood filler, a sanding block and your favorite color of paint, according to Tiny Prints. Once you have the materials, creating the pencil holder takes barely any time. And — bam! You have an awesome and creative pencil holder that you can tell people you made with your bare hands.

geometric pencil holder

3. Make A Belt Memo Board

Instead of tossing out your old belts, save them to make a cool board that can hold photos and notes. Simply glue two shabby chic wooden boards together and then nail a few old belts to them, according to Real Simple. On the back, you can add a piece of picture-hanging hardware and then add it right to your office wall. Find the instructions at A Beautiful Mess.

beltmemo board

4. Or Maybe Fabric-Covered Memo Boards Are More Your Style

If the shabby look of wood isn’t something you’re really into, then check out these fabric-covered memo boards from Sew Much Sunshine. All you need to make them is a hot glue gun, scissors, some cute fabric, cork and a pen or a marker. You can use Command Strips or hot glue a metal picture-hanger to the back to hang them up. Then just stick cute pins directly into them to hold your notes or photos. Crazy organization that’s crazy simple.


5. Create Your Own Charging Station And Cord Organizer

Now this trick is simply brilliant. If you’re tired of not having anywhere to put your phone because your desk is so clutter, then this hack is for you. Just decorate an empty shoe box with wrapping paper and washi tape or simple paint and cut holes in one side for cords to come through, according to Real Simple. Then cut another whole in the corner of the box for the power strip to come through. No more awkwardly crawling under your desk to plug in your charger or rearrange the cords in your power strip, because it can sit conveniently on the top without being an ugly nuisance. Find the tutorial at One Good Thing by Jill Lee.


6. Make These Desk Drawer Dividers

This cool idea would be great for anyone who feels like they could get lost while looking for the scissors in their desk drawer. These cute DIY drawer dividers are made from old cereal and granola boxes, so not only do they help you become more organized, but they also help you reuse old cardboard. Adorable and good for the environment. Find out how to make them at I Heart Organizing.



7. Try These Super Simple Pastel Jars

These beautiful glass jars can be used with or without their lids to store pens and pencils, paperclips, or maybe even midday snacks like nuts. You can use old jam or glass parmesan cheese jars so that you keep your costs low while creating a great organization tool. Find the tutorial at Kootut Murut.



8. Make Some Colorblock Magnetic Desk Accessories

You won’t have to worry about sending your jar of paperclips sprawling across the office anymore. These colorblock magnetic paperclip and pin holders will keep your metal desk accessories in place while being a bit more fun than a standard metal paperclip holder. All you need are some small boxes, a few magnets, glue and acrylic paint or spray paint, according to Real Simple. Get the tutorial at Earnest Home Co.



9. Use This Jelly Jar Storage Tip At Home

If you have a desk at home, then this adorable jelly jar storage DIY is the perfect way to get organized while keeping the top of your desk clear. You get to recycle old jelly jars while and get organized in just a few minutes. All you have to do is remove a shelf nearby your desk, glue or nail the jelly jar lids to the underside of the shelf, and then fill them with paperclips, tacks or whatever you need to have organized but in clear view. Check out the short instructions at Lifehack.


10. Make A Mail Sorter

Have you ever forgotten where you put that card for your mom’s birthday? Well now you can easily organize all your outgoing mail with a canvas mail sorter. You can hang it on a wall or above your desk so that you never forget to check it at the beginning or the end of the day, according to Lifehack. Find the tutorial at Bright and Blithe.


Images: Tell Love and ChocolateTiny Prints; A Beautiful Mess; Sew Much Sunshine; One Good Thing by Jill Lee; I Heart Organizing; Kootut Murut; Earnest Home Co.; Lifehack; Bright and Blithe

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