10 Easy Activities To Keep Kids Entertained This Summer

“There’s nothing to do.”

“I’m so bored.”

So says every child, every summer ever.

Well not this year! This year we are fighting back by adding these inexpensive and creative activities to our arsenal.

1. Shower Curtain Canvas

Spread a plain white shower curtain in the yard. Give the kids some dry erase markers and let them go nuts. The best part is when they are done you can spray it off with a hose and reuse it.

2. Sponge Necklaces

Cut up different-colored sponges and allow the kids to string their own necklaces. When they have finished you can soak the sponges before they wear them. Just another way to keep them cool in the hot summer sun.

3. Target Practice

Draw a series of circles on the driveway and award different points in each ring. Then allow the children to toss bean bags or wet sponges while trying to hit the bulls-eye.


4. Hula Hoop Fort

This is a great place to take a break from the summer sun and will inevitably lead to all sorts of creative games of knights and princesses or hide and seek. Basically you pin a sheet around the edge of the hula hoop and then hang the hoop in a tree to create a special fort. If you’re feeling especially creative you can add tulle or ribbon, or whatever else you have on hand to decorate.

5. Giant Bubbles

This is a summer-time classic and once again makes use of those hula hoops. Cover the bottom of a kiddie pool with dish soap and water. Place the hula hoop in the mixture and have the child stand in the middle of the pool. Lift the hoop and the child will be inside a bubble. No way can you resist trying it for yourself.

6. Travel Activity Board

Paint an old cookie sheet with chalkboard paint. Then purchase some fun magnets. Kids can color with chalk or make their own magnet scenes while riding in the car. This is a great way to keep the mess all in one spot.

Sunny With A Chance of Sprinkles

7. Lanterns

By placing glow sticks into different sized mason jars, you will have a fun and safe way to light up the night.

8. Create your own Popsicles

This may get a little messy but can be fun as well as delicious. Allow the kids to make their own mixtures for popsicles. Give some suggestions to get their creative juices flowing. You can use anything from juice to yogurt to blended fresh fruit to make these refreshing summer treats.

popsicles photo
Photo by annieseats

9. GO “Fishing”

A stick, a magnet, string, paper and paper clips are all you are going to need. Tie one end of the string to a stick and the other end to a magnet and now you have a “fishing pole.” Then cut out some fish shapes and add a paper clip to the top. To make the game last longer you can add tasks they have to complete upon catching each fish, like “do five jumping jacks” or “sing a silly song” or “act like a monkey” just to name a few.

Magnetic Fishing Game

10. Summer Fun Cup

Whenever you hear the dreaded “b” word come out of your child’s mouth, send them to the summer fun cup. Here you can have popsicle sticks each listing a different activity. You can even use this as an activity by having them decorate the summer fun cup and allowing them to contribute some of their own suggestions.

Photo by mark_irvine

Photo by Gwyrosydd