10 Clever Family-Friendly Halloween Costumes


1. The Cast From “Inside Out”

Channel your inner emotions by dressing your family up as the characters from Inside Out. Have your angriest family member wear a white button down and red tie, while your happiest family member sports all green. You’re family is sure to be the talk of the trick-or-treat trail. Get the tutorial here.


2. Superheroes

From Superman to Wonder Woman, and every hero in between, there are several superheroes out there for your family to choose from. Want to add a bit of extra fun to this family-themed costume? Have a few members dress up as villains. Batman versus the Joker has always been a crowd favorite.

3. Crayons

Dress up as your family’s favorite colors by becoming crayons this Halloween. Simply create pointed hats out of card stock paper, and add a crayon logo to your typical outfit. This simple DIY is great for a last minute Halloween costume.


4. Pirates

From eyepatches to skulls and crossbones, dress your family as a band of pirates this year. Nothing is cuter than a baby with a (plastic) sword.

5. Super Mario Gang

Represent your favorite video game this Halloween by donning costumes based off of the Super Mario Brothers’ game. Have your little ones dress up as Princess Peach or Yoshi, while you and your partner dress as Mario and Luigi. Dress up any strollers as race cars for added family fun.

6. “The Wizard Of Oz” Cast

The Tin Man, the scarecrow, and the cowardly lion, oh my! Dress your family as your favorite band of misfits the Halloween by becoming the cast from The Wizard Of Oz.

7. The Flinstones

Go prehistoric this year by becoming the gang from the Flinstones. This costume is great for those who want to have a few family friends tag along. From Dino to The Rubles, there are characters for everyone to play.

8. Smurfs

Have your neighbors seeing blue this year by dressing your family as a band of Smurfs! With blue clothing and white hats, you’re family will be looking like a group of Smurfs in no time.

smurf halloween photo
Photo by skpy

9. Bees & Beekeepers

Be buzz worthy this year by wearing bee costumes. Have your children be the bees, while you become the beekeeper. Have bits of honey on your clothing, if you want to keep the outfit authentic.

10. Star Wars Family

What little kid doesn’t want to be a Jedi? Break out your favorite robes, and become a family of Jedis for Halloween. With the new Star Wars movie premiering this December, get your family excited for the movie by becoming your favorite characters.