10 Healthy Snacks Great For Getting You Out Of A Mid-Day Slump

Feeling a bit hungry this afternoon? Step away from the sugary candy and salty chips! In order to make it through the dreaded 3 PM crash, try reaching for healthy, energy-boosting snack options instead. By switching up your snacking habits, you really can change your overall health. Snacking on junk food can lead to sugar overloads and nasty bloating. Spice up your afternoon by getting helpful energy from healthy snacks. Here are a few tasty snack options that are great for getting your through the day.

1. Trail Mix

Nuts, chocolate, and seeds, oh my! Get both a salty and sweet fix out of this afternoon snack. Trail mix may not be the best when it comes to calories, however, it does pack a powerful protein punch.

trail mix photo
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2. Quinoa

This gluten-free super grain  is packed full of valuable vitamins and minerals necessary for a proper, balanced diet. Pair this with nuts and vegetables to create a healthy, well-rounded meal.

quinoa photo
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3. Almonds

Needing a bit of crunch in your afternoon snack? Turn to almonds. A handful of these nuts can help reduce your likelihood of heart disease.

almonds photo
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4. Edamame

Edamame, also known as soybeans, are great for those looking for a fresh, salty treat. One cup of these beans has up to six percent of your daily nutrients (with the exception of vitamin D).

Edamame photo
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5. Granola Bars

Instead of buying sugar-filled granola bars from the grocery store, think about making your own granola bars at home. Fill your nutritious bars full of oats, dried fruits, nuts, honey, and whatever else you like to keep your bars as healthy as possible.

granola bars photo
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6. Chia Seed Greek Yogurt

When paired with greek yogurt, these chia seeds can be a powerful snack.  Chia seeds are packed full of fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. Think of them as an energy booster to your traditional greek yogurt.

greek yogurt photo
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7. Bananas

Filled with potassium and magnesium, bananas are a healthy, portable option when it comes to snacking on-the-go.

bananas photo
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8. Dried Fruit

In essence, dried fruit is essentially fresh fruit but removed of all of it’s water. This means that it’s nutrients are more densely packed. However, this applies to the sugar content as well. So when it comes to snacking on this nutritious treat, make sure to do it in small doses.

dried fruit photo

9. Sunflower Seeds

Looking to add a bit more vitamin E to your diet? Turn to sunflower seeds. These seeds contain plenty of vitamins and minerals to get your body feeling it’s best.

sunflower seeds photo

10. Kale Chips

Craving salty chips, but don’t want to absorb all of those calories? Try eating kale chips instead. While these chips have a low amount of calories, they do contain lots of potassium and vitamin A.

kale chips photo
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