10 Inexpensive Dog Houses You Can Make Or Buy

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No need to take a second mortgage out to build your dog a proper doghouse. (Seriously. This “Cape Cod”-inspired dog house for haute dogs tops $4,000.) If your hound needs his own backyard hangout, you can DIY a doghouse or find a cheap one on Amazon we’re sure he’ll love.

Here are 10 dog house ideas, broken down by your skill level.


Even Ikea instructions make me recoil in fear, so this is definitely the category I fall in. Me? I put a pop-up tepee in the backyard for my BostonTerrier, complete with a water bowl and some chew toys so he can alternate between sunning himself and retreating to the shade.

Here are some easy-to-assemble doghouse options you can find on Amazon, starting at $27:

  • This pet teepee comes with a washable fleece pad (you know, in case your pet peepees on the teepeee), $27
  • Another pet teepee is padded and has an animal design, $40
  • A two-story doghouse has a deck for sunning and shady area to cool down, $113
  • An outdoorsy dog will appreciate this log cabin, $88
  • A tiny home for a tiny dog, $83



You’ve got a garage stocked with tools like a circular saw, table saw, hammer and nails, and you’re eager to tackle a DIY project. These projects can be completed in a weekend. We’re sure you’ll have one proud pup once you build him his own dog house. (P.S. can you believe they’re ready to move out already?!)

  • Lowe’s has a build-your-own-doghouse tutorial, complete with the measurements you need and a “how-to” guide on installing inexpensive shingles to keep moisture out of the house.
  • The DIY Network offers a free tutorial (complete with a video!) on how you can build a cheap, A-frame dog house in half a day.

lowes dog house


Woodworking is your hobby and you’re confident when it comes to all types of DIY projects. We salute you. These plans are a little more advanced, but well worth having a custom doghouse with thoughtful architecture.

  • House builder Georgia-Pacific shares its backyard project plans, including one for a dog house (though there aren’t any videos or extensive tutorials to lend a helping hand). For the bonus round, you can add ventilation. This dog house is suited for medium-sized dogs.
  • You’ll need at least some woodworking experience to build this mini cedar dog ranch from Sunset. The magazine estimates it costs $200 to make. The tutorial comes with a video and step-by-step directions.
  • Want a modern dog house? Modern Builds has a great video to teach you how to make this modern dog house that even has a wrap-around porch. You can scale down their measurements if you need a smaller dog house.

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No matter your skill level, this big dog with a tiny bed is here to remind us that it’s the “thought that counts.” Good luck, all.