10 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Morning Routine So Much Easier

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Mornings aren’t always the best time of the day, you know? You’re not firing on all cylinders after rolling out of bed. And on top of trying to put on mascara with a shaky caffeine-filled hand, you’re likely in a rush because you’re running late.

If this describes your typical morning, then you definitely need these tricks to make your life that much easier. These storage tips will help turn your getting-ready frenzy into an organized regimen, and that’s just the kind of thing you need.

Let these ten ways of organizing your closet and bathroom bring order to your chaos because a less rushed morning makes for a better day.

1. Magnetic Strip For Bobby Pins

If you’re constantly asking yourself, “where have all the bobby pins gone,” then you’re just like every other person in the world. These hair essentials have a way of disappearing, but not when you store them on a magnetic strip, as One Crazy House does. Just genius!

One Crazy House

2. Bracelet For Hair Elastics

Have you ever reached for your wrist only to find that your hair tie isn’t there? Yeah, don’t let that happen anymore. Pick up a hair-tie bracelet, like this one on Amazon. Because searching for that lost hair tie can really slow you down.



3. Hot Glue & Hangers To Keep Clothes In Place

The Shabby Creek cottage has this clever idea for adding hot glue to your hangers. It will provide just enough texture to keep your clothes from constantly falling off of their hangers. This will help make your clothing easier to locate each morning.

The Shabby Creek Cottage

4. Shower Pocket Holder

Storing your most-used products in an over-the-door organizer can be smart for in your closet or in your shower. You’ll know right where everything is with this organized system.


5. Shoe Box Jewelry Organizer

You don’t have time to detangle a necklace in the morning, much less hunt for that lost earring. So, this simple storage method is here to save the day. The best part is, you likely already have a shoe box on hand, so you can get started on making one of these organizers (per the instructions from Smart n Snazzy) immediately.

Smart 'n Snazzy

6. Scarf Organizer

Keeping your scarves on a hanger is a great way to help you easily locate the one you want to wear because it’d be a shame to brace the cold without a scarf to match your outfit. Sandhya Nayak’s YouTube channel has this tutorial:

7. Easily Store Curling & Flat Irons

Storing your hair tools in a way that won’t leave the cords in a tangled mess is just another way you can streamline your morning beauty routine. Plus, this hack from Alexa Weber Morales’ YouTube channel is cheap and stores easily in a bathroom cabinet, taking up very little space at all.

8. Mason Jars As Storage

Mason jars are a practical, decorative way to keep your most used makeup brushes, cotton swabs and more within reach. The DIY Playbook has tips.

The DIY Playbook

9. Hang Your Products

Hanging your gels, lotions and other bathroom products to make them easy to access and easy to dispense from to get you out of the bathroom and on your way to work that much faster. One Good Thing has some ideas for how to make it work in your home.

One Good Thing

10. Easy Toothbrush Storage

If you share a bathroom, you don’t want to accidentally reach for the wrong toothbrush in your rush. This fool-proof storage method from Crafting in the Rain will ensure that never happens.

Crafting In The Rain

If you’re not already using these ideas to store products in your closet and bathroom what are you waiting for? Start implementing these into your daily regimen to give you a little extra time in the morning. Because things like breakfast or getting to work on time are important, after all.