10 mugs Disney fans need to add to their collection

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Who doesn’t love starting the day with a rich cup of coffee or unwinding with a calming cup of tea? For Disney lovers, enjoying their favorite steamy beverage in a mug that showcases their fondness for all things Walt can take the experience up a notch.

With more than 150 Disney movies (and counting) and hundreds if not thousands of characters, the potential list of Disney-themed mugs could easily be enough to write a book. While whittling down the options is not a task to be taken lightly, we’ve put together our list of 10 heartwarming, humorous or altogether heavenly coffee mugs for diehard Disney fans.

1. Cinderella’s Castle

One of the most recognizable Disney icons, Cinderella’s castle represents the notion that dreams can come true, no matter who you are. This sculpted mug will help you get a magical start to your day.


2. Starbucks-Inspired Sally

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” has a huge cult following, making this mug a must on our list. In the film, Sally picks Deadly Nightshade in the cemetery. Perhaps the message will keep others from nabbing your new favorite cup, which looks like it came from the famous coffee chain.


3. Channeling Ariel

Ariel might call this a thingamabob or a gizmo, but we call it mermaid perfection in mug form. The sculptured mug has raised design elements, scales, pearls and all of the colors you associate with Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” including a handle that looks just like Ariel’s hair.


4. Tea Cup Ride

There are so many unforgettable attractions at Disney theme parks that it’s hard to choose a favorite, but if you love the Mad Tea Party Ride—commonly referred to as simply “The Tea Cups”—you will adore this mug. Available in a variety of pastel shades, the cup may evoke fond memories of family vacations.


5. Character Stained Glass

At first glance, this may look like a simple yet colorful stained glass design. Upon closer inspection, however, you will be delighted to see vignettes of your favorite Disney characters. With images ranging from Mickey and the gang to Winnie the Pooh to Lilo and Stitch, you’ll see something new every time you look at this mug.


6. His and Hers Beauty and Beast

Couples who relate to bookish Belle and the gruff yet tenderhearted Beast will appreciate this mug set. Playful and romantic, these cups would make a cute wedding gift or simply a sweet addition to your own collection.


7. Alice’s Tea Party Stack

Whether mornings find you rushing off to work or scrambling to get everyone fed, cleaned up and out the door, you may find yourself thinking, “We’re all mad here.” This topsy-turvy mug suits that sentiment well, as it resembles a stack of tea cups from the Mad Tea Party from Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland.”


8. Disney Mom

This mug is perfect for all the Disney moms in your life. Disney moms are like regular moms—only better. They never fully grow up. They hang on to the belief that good always wins. They understand the value of having fun, the importance of magic and the necessity of being brave, even when the odds are against them.


9. Walt’s “Do the Impossible” Quote

No Disney mug collection would be complete without the inclusion of Mickey Mouse and Mr. Disney himself. This simple coffee cup features a memorable quote by “Uncle Walt” with his distinctive signature and a black-and-white drawing of good old Mickey.


10. I’m a Disney Princess

All your life, you’ve had a sneaking suspicion that one day you would discover your true identity as a Disney Princess. Okay, so maybe no fairy godmother has showed up and no small animals flock to your window every morning, but you haven’t given up hope just yet. You can sip from this adorable mug while waiting for your prince to come.



If you need a gift for a special Disneyphile in your life, these mugs might just fit the bill. Better yet, grab one for yourself, too, and let your daily cup of jo transport you to the happiest place on earth.