10 Must-Make Soup Recipes For This Winter

Like it or not, winter is upon us in many states and countries right now, which means it’s soup weather. Even if you’re in a warm climate, any day is the perfect day for soup (if you’re like me, anyway). Below, you’ll find ten easy, yet scrumptious, soup recipes to heat you up. Believe me, if I made them, so can you.

1. Carrot, Ginger, Apple

Yes, this soup is orange… ‘tis the Fall season! You can make this in 13 minutes or less! Try it for yourself and see!

All You | Dominic Perri

2. Miso

You no longer have to wait to go have sushi to get your miso soup fix. Now, you can make it! What’s better to help thaw you out after a day of raking leaves or shoveling snow?

The Kitchn

3. Pesto Bean

That’s right, this soup combines two of your favorite things: pesto and beans. It also provides tons of protein and flavor. Get the recipe.

The Food Network

4. Pumpkin

I love this recipe so much, I put it in another post, too. The Pioneer Woman’s is not only the best pumpkin soup recipe I’ve tried, but she provides pictures with each step. Then, she suggests serving the soup in hollowed out pumpkins, with a bit of cream and pumpkin seeds for decoration, which makes the final product even more perfect.

The Pioneer Woman

5. Borscht

Though it’s most popular in Eastern European countries and or restaurants, borscht is becoming more and more popular stateside, as well. Beets are very good for you (they provide lots of potassium, fiber, and vitamins, like A, B, and C), and they create a delicious soup, not to mention one that’s beautiful in color. Get the recipe.


6. Beefy Corn And Black Bean Chili

We need to eat hearty soups in the cold months, right? Nothing fits the bill more than this recipe. It’s chock full of nutrition, as well as flavor. And it only has five ingredients! Can you guess what they are?

Cooking Light

7. Roasted Sweet Potato

All I can say is… yum! Going with the Fall theme, try this roasted sweet potato soup for a nice twist. I guarantee that not many of your friends have had it before, and they’ll definitely be asking for seconds!

Simply Recipes

8. Cauliflower With Toasted Garlic

Yes, you read that right. It may sound unusual, but it is tasty! With only five ingredients (salt and pepper are optional), it is as simple to make as it sounds. Get the recipe

Real Simple | Paul Sirisalee

9. Mushroom Barley

Now, barley takes a long time to cook (nearly an hour), there’s no getting around it no matter which recipe you use. But trust me, try this one—and read a book or make a side dish while you’re waiting. Your tastebuds and family will thank you later, I promise.


10. Lemony Chicken And Dill

A variant on ordinary chicken noodle soup, this recipe is sure to be a hit in your kitchen. The lemon and dill really add a unique flavor that’ll make the pot empty fast. You may want to make a double helping.