10 New Fall Flavors You Need To Load Up On Now

Fall is coming whether we like it or not, but based on the newest flavors that are coming out for these products this fall— you’re going to love it! From pumpkin spice (that flavor we love to hate) to salted caramel and cinnamon, your favorite products are bringing the best of fall flavors, for better or worse. But, let’s be honest here, it’s for the better.

The best part is that these flavors are coming in the brands that you already shop, so these are going to be hard to resist. Starbucks, Chobani and even Land O’ Lakes top the list for brands bringing something new and delicious this season!

Take a look at the tastiness you’ll be feasting on all fall long:

1. Pecan Pie M&Ms


A fall favorite in pop-able tiny chocolate form? I’m in.

2. Rolo Blizzard

Screen shot 2015-08-18 at 11.51.29 AM

Can’t get enough caramel this time of year? Have tiny chocolate and caramel goodness in your DQ Blizzard. Don’t mind if I do!

3. Starbucks


The Pumkin Spice Latte we all know and love is getting an upgrade. That’s right. It will now have real pumpkin. So, there’s even more reason to order it.

4. Pumpkin Spice Mini Wheats


The best part of pumpkin spice flavored mini wheats is the pumpkin spice flavored milk that will be leftover.

5. Salted Caramel Crunch Chobani


Infusing salted caramel into your breakfast routine is the way to go this fall.

6. Apple Pie Bagel


I’d choose to have a little apple pie at every meal if I could. This sounds like a delicious way to start the day.

7. Raisin and Brown Sugar Chobani Oats


This sounds like an interesting combination, not your typical pumpkin and spice flavor combo, so I like this already.

8. Salty Caramel Jif


I’ll be spreading this on whatever I can get my hands on, thank you very much.

9. Cinnamon Roll Pop Tart


It’s that time of year again for this limited edition flavor. I can’t wait to pop these in the toaster and be well on my way to warm yumminess.

10. Land O’ Lakes Cinnamon Sugar Butter


This could be my favorite of all. Enjoy this fall spread on top of pancakes, toast, oatmeal and more. I can’t wait!

So, there you have it, folks— the very best of the latest fall flavors. Who’s in the mood for a pumpkin spice latte now (with real pumpkin this time)? I know I am. Fall couldn’t get here any faster.

Photo Credit: ginnerobot/flickr, Courtesy Brands (10)