10 old-fashioned Christmas traditions we should bring back

What is your favorite thing about Christmas? Chances are good it has something to do with a tradition that is intertwined with warm and wonderful memories.

You may follow the same customs as your parents did during your childhood. Perhaps you incorporated new ones as an adult. Even if you enjoy a combination of old and new traditions, isn’t there always room for just a few more?

Here are some of the most charming, fun and meaningful old-fashioned Christmas traditions that are long overdue for a comeback.

Decorations from Nature

In years gone by, families decorated their Christmas trees and homes with items from their own yards and gardens. Natural decorations, such as pine cones, holly berries and evergreen swags, are lovely to look at and environmentally friendly.

Unsplash | Erwan Hesry

Homemade Garlands

Stringing popped (unbuttered!) popcorn or cranberries with a needle and thread is a simple and charming way to create a garland for the tree or mantle. It is also a wonderful way to spend time together talking, laughing and making memories.

stringing popcorn photo
Flickr | raebrune


For hundreds of years, groups of people strolled through town, singing cheerful holiday songs to their friends and neighbors, but this tradition has definitely dwindled. Bring it back by rounding up a group and gifting your neighborhood with songs.

carolers photo
Getty Images | Bennett Raglin

Christmas Eve Stories

In simpler times, it was common for the family to gather around the tree on Christmas Eve to listen to a story about the holiday before going to bed. No matter which classic tale you opt for (“Twas the Night Before Christmas,” “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” and the Bible are popular choices), this timeless tradition is worth reviving.

Pexels | FreeStocks

Oranges in Stockings

Did you ever receive citrus fruit in your Christmas stocking? There are many legends about this largely-forgotten tradition, but we know for sure that it is a sweet way to celebrate. Plus, oranges fill stocking toes quite nicely!

Pixabay | rosecoutre0

Dressing Up

If you look at old Christmas photos, you will likely see everyone looking proper and polished rather than sitting around in their PJs. Rekindling this tradition could give your Instagram feed a boost.

Pixabay | jill111

Low-Tech Gifts

Consider the best gift you ever received; chances are good it wasn’t some high-tech gadget. Presents that don’t require batteries, electricity or internet, such as stuffed animals, books and homemade items were once the norm and are often some of the most-loved.

Pixabay | sobima

Yule Logs

After bringing it in and placing it on the hearth on Christmas Eve, families would light the yule log using a scrap preserved from the prior year’s wood. They kept burning for 12 hours and it was thought to bring good fortune for the coming year. Who couldn’t use a little luck?

Pixabay | jill111

Sleigh Rides

Dashing through the snow in a one- (or two!) horse open sleigh would be a positively delightful way to take in the lights or visit grandma, or just enjoy the outdoors. Don’t you agree?

Pixabay | TomaszProszek

Santa Decorating the Tree

In some families, the tree was only partially decorated when the children went to bed on Christmas Eve. When Santa arrived to deliver gifts, he also completed the task. Kids everywhere awoke to celebrate with a magical tree surrounded by presents. When you can make Christmas even more spectacular and special, it’s a definite win.


[h/t: Country Living]