10 Perennials To Plant This Fall To Make Your Garden Beautiful

The fall season means many things. For many, the leaves change color and the temperatures get cooler. But, as the season begins to change, plant lovers also know it’s time to plan for planting perennials.

While annual plants bloom for a single season before withering away, perennials continue to come back for another season or more. This doesn’t mean they will live forever. In fact, perennials have an average lifespan of three to five years.

However, some of these plants can live much longer. There are hardy perennials that can bring life and color to your garden for 20 years or even more. Check out 10 long-lived perennial plants that range from delicate flowers to robust greenery to gain ideas for your fall planting.

1.  Astilbe

With fern-like foliage and eye-catching flowers, this perennial plant grows well in light to moderate shade. Astilbe can thrive for 15 years or longer.

Flickr | hartjeff12

2. Balloon Flower

Also known as Chinese bellflowers, these long-lived perennials begin with interesting balloon-shaped buds that burst open in summer. They may be blue, pink, purple or white.

Balloon Flower photo
Flickr | Numinosity (Gary J Wood)

3. Bee Balm

Although it might sound like something you apply to a bug bite, bee balm is actually a member of the mint family that often attracts hummingbirds, butterflies and, yes, bees.

bee balm photo
Flickr | wallygrom

4. Bearberry

Sometimes called kinninnick, bearberry is a low-growing shrub that can flourish for decades. The evergreen plant produces clusters of pink or white bell-shaped flowers and red berries.

bearberry photo
Flickr | nordique

5. Coral Bells

Named for the shape and hue of its flowers, these long lived plants—also called alumroot or heucheras—feature striking foliage, as well.

coral bells photo
Flickr | photogramma1

6. Cranesbill Geranium

Although some geraniums are annual plants, the cranesbill variety can blossom for 10 years or longer. Colors range from pale blue and violet to light pink and bright magenta.

cranesbill photo
Flickr | jinxmcc

7. Daylilies

If you want large, vibrant flowers that don’t require much care, consider daylilies. The bright spring flowers can grow for many years without any special attention.

daylilies photo
Flickr | moyix

8. Goldenrod

The sunshiny shade of this resilient, long lived perennial can often be seen spreading across wild meadows and prairies but can also add interest to your own garden.

goldenrod photo
Flickr | steve p2008

9. Pigsqueak

Bergenia cordifolia (aka “pigsqueak“) offers bold foliage and bright magenta flowers that thrive in shady gardens.

Bergenia photo
Flickr | Swallowtail Garden Seeds

10. Stonecrop

This low-maintenance, perennial succulent loves full sun and delivers attractive color and texture to rock gardens, containers and more.

stonecrop photo
Flickr | Ruth and Dave

[h/t: Better Homes & Gardens]