These are 10 of the most popular Little Golden Books

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Little Golden Books is coming off the heels of its 75th anniversary. The books, recognizable for their simple tales and beautiful illustrations, cost just a quarter when they were first released in 1942. At the time, children’s books were bulkier and considered a luxury, costing between $2 to $3. (Factor in inflation, and that would be about $30 to $45 today).

In its company history, Little Golden Books proudly proclaims that its books helped democratize reading. Even to this day, the storybooks remain affordable. On average, they cost $4.99.

Over the years, Little Golden Books churned out hundreds of children’s books. We turned to Amazon to find out which ones are most popular today. The books on our Top 10 list are among the highest rated, with 4.8- or 4.9-star reviews.

Before we begin, we’ll acknowledge the elephant, err, adorable puppy in the room—The Poky Little Puppy somehow didn’t make the list. Its average review was only 4.7 stars. Still, it’s one of most widely recognized and read of the Little Golden Books.

That said, here are some of the most highly rated Little Golden Books, according to Amazon shoppers.

1. “I Am A Bunny”

About the book: This tale follows the adventures of Nicholas, a bunny who lives in a hollow tree. (Buy it here.)

Author: Ole Risom, with illustrations by Richard Scarry

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2. Just A Little Critter Collection

About the book: This collection includes seven Little Critter stories, including “Just for You,” “Just Go to Bed,” “All by Myself,” “I Was So Mad,” “When I Get Bigger,” “Just a Mess” and “I Just Forgot.” The book “Just for You” was the first in the Little Critter collection. In it, the beloved critter is trying to help his mom make breakfast, mow the lawn and carry groceries. (Buy it here.)

Author: Mercer Mayer

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3. “I Love You, Mommy!”

About the book: This tribute to moms is delivered in rhymes and recites all the wonderful things moms do for their children. (Buy it here).

Author: Edie Evans, with illustrations by Rusty Fletcher

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4. “Where Do Giggles Come From?”

About the book: Illustrations show piglets, bear cubs, bunnies and other baby animals playing and frolicking with their families. (Buy it here.)

Author: Diane E. Muldrow, with illustrations by Anne Kennedy

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5. The Bunny Book

About the book: This tale centers on a large bunny family that wonders what their baby bunny will grow up to be one day. (Buy it here.)

Author: Patsy Scarry, with illustrations by Richard Scarry

The Bunny Book

6. “The Soldiers’ Night Before Christmas”

About the book: In this Christmas story, homesick soldiers are visited by Sergeant McClaus, the “Santa of Soldiers.” (Buy it here.)

Authors: Christine Ford and Trish Holland, with illustrations by John Manders

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7. The Monster At The End Of This Book

About the book: Grover begs you not to turn the pages, promising there’s a monster lurking at the end of the book. (Buy it here.)

Author: Jon Stone, with illustrations by Michael Smollin

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8. Another Monster At The End Of This Book

About the book: A sequel to the first book, Grover is now joined by his buddy Elmo and pulls stunts to try to stop readers from flipping the pages. (Buy it here.)

Authors: Jon Stone, with illustrations by Michael Smollin

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9. The Little Red Caboose

About the book: This classic book tells the story of a little red caboose that wants to be as mighty as a steam engine. (Buy it here.)

Authors: Marian Potter and Tibor Gergely

Little Red Caboose

10. Old MacDonald Had A Farm

About the book: The popular singalong is turned into a book, and beautifully illustrated to show all of the animals that live on Old MacDonald’s famed farm. (Buy it here.)

Author: Golden Books is listed as the author and the illustrator is Anne Kennedy.

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How many of these classics have you and your family read?

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