10 reasons being close with Mom is the best


There are many names I could use for my mom. Officially I’ve called her mommy, mama and mom, but those affectionate terms don’t quite capture everything she is and what she’s done for me. She is athlete, leader, mentor, cheerleader, supporter, sister, caregiver, optimist and best friend to name just a few.

I know a lot about what makes her uniquely awesome because, for the first 18 years of my life, we were nearly inseparable. My mom and I were a dynamic duo, like Lorelai and Rory, but with real marathons instead of movie marathons.

I’m so grateful that my mom and I got along so we could enjoy a lifetime of incredible experiences together. Here are just 10 reasons why being close to Mom is the absolute best.

1. She Can Make For An Awesome Travel Buddy

No matter what the destination, all you need is mom to make a vacation incredible. When I was growing up, we both looked forward to our simple, mother-daughter road trips filled with lots of quality time.

2. Her Passions Can Inspire Your Own

For me, this meant an appreciation of the great outdoors. My mom took me hiking in the mountains before I could even walk. I learned that girls belonged outside too, and that a little dirt under the fingernails was good for the soul. What passions do you carry with you that originated from your relationship with your mother?

3. You Can Raid Her Closet

From playing dress-up with my mom’s pumps to swapping style tips, having access to my mom’s closet was always a great perk. And we still share our fashion finds. When your mom is also your best friend, sharing outfits can be a no-brainer.

4. The Smiles In Those Family Photos Are Real

Instead of being another one of those dreaded, formal obligations, photos can capture genuine joy. In my family photos, our eyes are often closed because our smiles are so big or we’re laughing so hard!

5. She Is Your Biggest Fan And Loudest Cheerleader

Whether facing a tough test, a job interview or race day, having your mom by your side — or at least there in spirit — can give you the extra motivation to perform.

6. When She Doles Out Wise Advice, You Actually Listen

When you’re close with mom, not only do you hear her words of wisdom, but you actually follow her advice. That means you can learn from her life experiences — and maybe avoid a few youthful regrets.

7. You’ll Have A Lifetime Of Shared Memories

Developing a close relationship with mom early on means she’s included in just about all of your best memories. From school field trips and birthday parties to summer camp and high school dances to cross-country moves, she’s there. Mom makes the milestone moments and the minutiae better.


8. Distance Doesn’t Matter

With a close-knit relationship, it doesn’t matter if you live around the corner or across the globe from your mom. You can be confident you’ll always find each other when you need it most. She’s just a phone call or text away, and somehow she always answers.

9. When You Start To Become Just Like Her, You’ll Actually Be Thrilled

You’ve watched and followed her example of what it means to be a strong, independent woman. Now you recognize what a huge compliment it is when someone says you resemble your mom.

10. Your Time Together Is Precious

As I’ve gotten older, a few friends have lost their mothers or watched them go through health issues. One friend, who lost both parents recently, said it best: “If your parents are available to see or talk to, cherish them. Cherish the time you have. It can be gone in a flash. I’d do anything to take a walk with these two right now.” I learned this early on, and have tried to make the most of every moment.


Though I don’t have a lifetime of memories with both parents, I’m grateful for every one of the years we had. None of us know how many more the future may hold.

I do know there’s a lot more we can all learn from our moms, and lots of room in our memory banks. So keep living it up — together!

What’s your favorite mom memory?

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