10 Reasons Why Being Tall Is The Best

Let’s face it: being tall has its advantages. In fact it’s probably harder to come up with reasons why it could be a bad thing. Tall people are given a leg-up in childhood, the workplace, social settings and oh so many other places. Let me give you some specifics.

1. Not only do you get to eat more, you NEED to eat more.

Getting that lengthy body going will require more calories than it would for a shorter person. The best part is that if that extra food causes you to gain a few pounds, people are much less likely to notice because that weight is spread out over your long body.

eat photo
Photo by mst7022

2. Taller people get paid more.

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “height advantage.” According to Live Science, tall people make $789 more per inch annually, which is a pretty significant amount.

money photo
Photo by 401(K) 2013

3. If you are tall you even get your own holiday.

No joke! International Hug a Tall Person Day. An entire day devoted to showing love to tall people.

hug photo
Photo by Paula Satijn

4. Height is not only an advantage as an adult.

Think of all the benefits tall people have as children. They were never held back by height limits at the amusement park. Bring on the roller coasters if you dare!

roller coaster photo
Photo by Roller Coaster Philosophy

5. You probably were never a chubby kid.

Being tall means your baby fat probably spread out more quickly than your friends. Thus you didn’t spend much time being the chubby kid, which probably saved you plenty of emotional scaring.

chubby photo
Photo by LisaW123

6. Tall people are always chosen first in sports.

Something about those long legs and arms makes us think it will be easier for them to reach the net, kick the ball and basically move faster than everyone else.

sports photo
Photo by Seattle Parks & Recreation

7. Your head is usually above the crowd.

Large crowd at an outdoor concert or show? Not a problem for a tall person. Some of the best views are from up there.

crowd photo
Photo by ausnahmezustand

8. You have more fun in swimming pools.

Keeping your head above water isn’t as difficult for you as others because you can still stand in the deep end. Staying above water actually takes you zero effort.

pool photo
Photo by Noodles and Beef

9. As a woman, you can wear flats.

While other woman are searching for the perfect size heal to make their legs look as long as possible, you are looking long and lean in your flats. But if you do decide to sport the spikes it just makes you stand out a few inches more.

shoes photo
Photo by ChodHound

10. You can live a step-stool-free life.

Whether you are putting some things away in the kitchen or reaching something off the top shelf at the grocery store, there is no need for a step stool. What do short people do when they need something way up there at the store? I’m guessing they just wait for someone tall to come by to ask for help.

step stool photo
Photo by simpleinsomnia