10 Simple Clean Car Tricks You Need To See Before Your Next Road Trip

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The traditional end of summer (Labor Day) is getting closer, but there’s still time to cram in a road trip to parts unknown. Here are a few easy hacks you can try in your car to make the trip easier and more enjoyable for your two (and four-legged) passengers. (And you, their driver!)

1. Clean Out The AC Vents

This is a smart one, as seen on Fluster Buster. Take a foam paint brush and poke around the vents to remove the dust, before you turn up the AC and blast yourself with dust.

2. Try A Magic Eraser

HoneyBear Lane says this one works great for scuff marks on vinyl and other surfaces that your (or your little one’s) feet touch.


3. Make Your Own Trash Bin…

This one is from My Lists Of Lists and makes so much sense. You’re driving, and you try and toss your gum wrapper in your console tray but A) you miss it, B) it’s already full or C) you manage to stuff it in there, but it falls out because it’s so full. That’s the one that gets me. So… Just stick an adhesive hook near the glove box as shown, then line a paper gift-bag sized bag with a plastic bag. Boom. Problem solved. Just remember to empty it at the next rest stop, OK?


4. …And Food Caddy

Lookie What I Did says an art caddy from the dollar section at Target is a great way to keep munchies organized and prevent them from falling everywhere. Personally, I like to use this tray from In-N-Out’s store.


5. Keep Those Cup Holders Clean

Stuff these silicone cupcake wrappers into your cup holders to keep the soft drink drip from drying in them or to hold odds and ends. From The Realistic Mama.


6. Seat Belt Pillow

This one isn’t so much about keeping your car clean as much as it is about keeping your passengers safe while they snooze. The key is to make a pillow that requires a fastened seatbelt. Mrs. Frugal Franny has the details.


7. Air Freshener Pouches Keep Things Smelling Nice

Put some Downy scented beads in wedding favor bags from the dollar store, then strategically place about the car interior. From Pinterest.


8. Use A Squeegee For Dog Fur

Squirt some water on the seats, then use a squeegee on that dog fur. Less costly than replacing lint roller sheets. Via Buzzfeed.


9. Did We Say “Dog?” How About a DIY Dog Hammock?

The best way to combat dog hair on your seats is to prevent it from landing there in the first place. Check out the instructions via Choosing To Be Colorful.


10. Seat Back Organizer

Nothing says family road trip like an endless supply of items to keep the kids occupied. Store everything from books, pens and markers to flip flops and animal crackers in a shoe organizer hung over the back of a seat. More deets on the Kids Activities Blog.


Have a safe trip! And make sure to check ahead to see if Wally World is open!


h/t: Better Homes & Gardens.

Photo by Tobyotter