10 Things All Fathers With Daughters Should Know

Raising a daughter isn’t an easy task. It’s a whirlwind of emotions, challenges, and triumphs. Be the best father you can be by realizing that you’re on of her biggest influences.

As a daughter myself, my father was always my biggest hero. However, that didn’t mean that he was my best friend.

Being a father is more than just giving love and support. It’s about showing right from wrong, and holding her accountable for her accidents. Growing up with a strong father figure made me realize how exactly fathers can shape their daughter’s lives.

Here are ten ways that fathers influence their daughters.

1. You Build Her Body Image

You would never let another man call you daughter “chubby”, so you shouldn’t either. When it comes to raising children, words can be very powerful. How you describe her body image can affect her for the rest of her life.

Words like chubby, overweight, or fat can deeply harm her self-esteem. Build her ego and her confidence daily by reaffirming her self-worth.

2. You Choose How She Sees Men

The first man a girl ever loves is her father. Have her expect the best from men by showing her just how great a man can be.

Should men listen to her problems, and help her to fight her own battles? Or should they brush off her emotions, and tell her she’s just a silly girl?

How you behave around your daughter, and with your daughter can determine her own perspective on men.

3. You Choose Her Perspective On Women

You may not realize it, but your daughter is watching how you treat other women. Whether it’s her mother or the clerk at the grocery store, the way you interact with women is effects your daughter. Showing respect to other women, shows your daughter that men should respect her as well.

4. You Choose Her Significant Other

Show her exactly what kind of man she deserves by putting your own best qualities forward. Show her what a stable, successful, and supportive person looks like, and she’ll want those type of people in her life forever.

5. You Choose How She Sees Education

If you are lax about her homework, then she will be as well. Push her to make good grades to instill a sort of ambition in her. Not only will it make you feel proud, but she’ll be proud of herself as well.

6. You Help Her Choose Her Career

Never judge your daughter’s hobbies or personal activities. They may one day turn into a career. Foster a sense of support and love around your daughter, and help her strive to reach all of her goals.

7. You Choose Her Friends

Listen to your daughter when she is having issues with her friends. Giving her nonjudgemental and constructive advice can really help her make social decisions.

8. You Choose Her Standards

Your daughter’s self esteem is very much reliant on your relationship. Push her to strive for the best, and she will expect the same out of others.

9. You Decide How She Treats Her Family

Children are very perceptive. The way you treat her family members affects how she sees her own family. When it comes to your language and actions towards others, always keep in mind that your little girl is watching.

10. You Decide How She Treats You

After all, this is your daughter we are talking about. Not only are you her parent, but you’re also one of her biggest influences. Show her love and support if you expect the same in return. Love is always a two-way street.