10 Trees That Grow Well Indoors

No yard? No problem—these beauties can thrive inside.

Trees clean toxins from the air, literally helping you to breathe easier. Studies show they can also boost your concentration and memory, lighten your mood, improve relationships and even help you heal more quickly. On top of these impressive benefits, trees make beautiful additions to any room.

Indoor trees bring drama, dimension and depth. Check out some of the stunning types of trees you can grow right in your living room, kitchen or anywhere you want to make a statement.

1. Banana Tree

Although it would be awesome to pluck ripe bananas for your morning smoothie, these indoor trees will not actually produce fruit without tropical conditions. However, these fast-growing plants will grow large, waxy leaves that look stunning in any room.

Pixabay | Unsplash

2. Avocado Tree

Although you can start an avocado tree from the stone of the fruit, this can be a lengthy process. For instant indoor beauty, purchase a potted dwarf avocado tree from a nursery and place it in a sunny spot near a south-facing window.

avocado tree pot photo
Flickr | jeffschwartz

3. Citrus Trees

Dwarf lemon, orange and other citrus trees can make gorgeous houseplants. With the right amount of TLC, the tree will not only enhance the appearance of your home, but it can also produce juicy fruit for your family and friends to enjoy.

Pixabay | Monicore

4. Gardenia

If you want an indoor tree that also provides eye-catching, sweet-smelling flowers, you can’t go wrong with a gardenia. Members of the coffee family, the plants produce large, velvety ivory-colored blossoms that release an intoxicating fragrance.

gardenia plant photo
Flickr | saiberiac

5. Ginseng Ficus

If you thought these plants were called bonsai trees, you are not alone. However, bonsai refers to an art form—growing small trees in containers—rather than a specific type of tree, although ginseng ficus trees are often used as bonsai. With lots of large, gnarly roots and evergreen leaves, these plants make interesting focal points in any room.

ficus ginseng photo
Flickr | Ronald (Ron) Douglas Frazier

6. Knockout Rose

Unlike other roses, which typically grow as bushes, knockout roses can grow as narrow-trunked trees that reach about 3 to 4 feet in height. These compact trees develop well in containers and produce dozens of vibrant flowers.

Flickr | Ksenia Ruta

7. Kentia Palm

Add instant tropical ambience to any room by incorporating a potted kentia palm tree into your décor. These elegant plants feature verdant, arching leaves with long, slender fronds and grow quite well indoors.

potted palm photo
Flickr | PinkMoose

8. Sweet Bay Laurels

Any seasoned chef will tell you that once you cook with fresh bay leaves, you will never want to use the store-bought version again. You can grow the Mediterranean native laurel tree in your own kitchen or living room, giving you  aromatic fresh herbs that you can add to your favorite dishes.

bay laurel tree photo
Flickr | blumenbiene

9. Braided Hibiscus

A braided hibiscus tree is a small, tropical plant grown with several delicate trunks twisted together. The diminutive trees boast large, trumpet-shaped flowers in demure whites and peaches or vibrant pink, red and orange shades and work well as houseplants.

Flickr | Lenna Young Andrews

10. Tree Fern

With thick trunks and large, spreading fronds, tree ferns can be the ideal indoor tree when you want to add texture and dimension to a space. You can choose from several different species from soft and feathery to rough and edgy, making it easy to find the right one for your personal style.

potted fern photo
Flickr | Dr Stephen Dann