10 Vegetables You Can Grow In Containers

Growing your own vegetables sounds like a great idea, but if you have a little bit of garden space or live in a complex that only has a side yard, your options are limited. Luckily, there are plenty of vegetables that grow well in containers, and your options may be more varied if you opt to grow your plants this way.

Vegetables in containers thrive in at least six hours of sun per day, so make sure you choose their spot carefully. If you live in a warm climate, you may also want to avoid placing your containers directly onto the concrete, as it may get too hot. You can always put your plants on a cart, so they can be easily moved around.

With all this in mind, here are the 10 of the easiest vegetables you can grow in containers.

1. Lettuce

You can grow lettuce and other greens in a large-sized container. Just plant a seed into the soil and keep moist.

lettuce photo
Photo by Muffet

2. Cucumbers

Choose a large pot that can hold a trellis for the cucumbers to grow on. Recommended types include the “Salad Bush” or “Bush Pickle” variety.

Cucumber photo
Photo by Jim, the Photographer

3. Tomatoes

Using a cage and a large pot, you can grow your own tomatoes at home. Make sure the pot has space to drain, and add soil to the pot as the plant grows.

Tomatoes pot photo
Photo by junksignal

4. Radishes

If you want something that grows fast, radishes are your best bet. Plant radishes in the cool season, and keep the pot moist and in the sun.

radishes photo
Flickr | Yutaka Seki

5. Beets

Another cool-season vegetable, beets need to be planted in pots with at least six inches of depth. Good soil is also key for growing beets.

beets photo
Flickr | woodleywonderworks

6. Carrots

For carrots, choose a deep pot and water frequently for best results. Choose a lightweight soil and make sure it is able to drain.

carrots photo
Getty Images | Dan Kitwood

7. Eggplants

Plant your eggplant in a pot with at least five inches of depth, and be sure to use a stake or cage once the plant begins to grow.

eggplant photo
Flickr | STC4blues

8. Green Onions

Green onions and scallions grow well in pots. Onions need lots of sun and moisture, and they can be planted using your leftover bulbs from the grocery store.

green onions photo
Flickr | vanessa lollipop

9. Peppers

The bigger the pot the better when it comes to peppers. They need to be watered frequently, and they thrive in the sunlight.

peppers photo
Flickr | Jim, the Photographer

10. Peas

Use stakes in a pot with drainage holes to cultivate your own peas. These plants often need to be watered up to three times a day, and consider moving them indoors during cold weather to prevent frost.

peas photo
Flickr | ABBones