10 Virgo Stereotypes That Are Actually True

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I put much stock into what my horoscope says each week, although I do occasionally like to read what my week will supposedly be like from time to time. I mean, don’t we all?

People think they can tell a lot about a person by their astrological sign, and honestly, I find that sometimes those stereotypes about your sign can actually be true.

I looked into my own sign, Virgo, to learn some of the characteristics about a person born between August 23 and September 22, and I have to say, these are pretty spot-on.

1. Precise

Virgos are said to be very meticulous, and I can tell you that’s true. I take everything I work on and every decision I make very seriously. I like to weigh all of my options before making a decision, and I like to put my best effort into my work. This is a good quality, I’d say, but certainly a very taxing one.


2. Determined

People with this sign are said to be determined, hard-workers. I don’t like to give up on anything, and I set high goals for myself. So, once again, I can attest to this being true.


3. Very Clean

Virgos like a tidy space, and while I may not obsess over everything being in order all of the time, I do like for my space to be functional. And if someone’s stopping by my house, you better believe I’ve cleaned it!


4. Analytical

Virgos tend to be thinkers, according to stereotypes, and considering that I try to consider all of my options before making a decision, I’d say that this is true, but only to a certain degree. I’m also very emotional and will react based on my intuition, so it’s hard to say that I’m always highly analytical in a situation.


5. Reliable

I take promises very seriously and always try to hold up my end of a bargain. If I promise to meet you at 7 p.m., you better believe I’ll be there by 7 p.m.

holding hands

6. Observant

Being that I’m a highly curious journalist for a living, I’d say this observant thing is pretty spot-on.


7. Skeptical

Given that Virgos are highly analytical, they can also be skeptical. I’d like to think that I have a healthy amount of skepticism, but who knows? Maybe the astrologists are right with this one.


8. Responsible

Since Virgos are known for being reliable, they’re also very responsible. I, especially, hold myself accountable for a lot of things. Perhaps even a little too much, at times.


9. Selective

Virgos tend to be selective with who they open up to because it can take a little while for them to feel comfortable around new people. They’re said to be friendly, but not overly friendly. I have a very select, close group of friends, so I could definitely believe this to be more than just a stereotype.


10. Economical

Virgos are typically very careful with their money. I am definitely a saver, but I also like to splurge and treat myself and my loved ones to special things every once in a while. I’m really good at justifying the purchases I make, too, for better or for worse.


Whether you believe what your astrological sign says about you or not, stereotypes become stereotypes for a reason, and if you dissect your sign I think you’ll find quite a few similarities between the way you actually behave and the way your sign dictates you’ll behave. You never know, you may even learn something about yourself.

[h/t: Thought Catalog]