10 Ways To Customize Ikea Products And Bring Fresh Life To Your Kitchen


Let’s face it: We all love Ikea, and it has a lot more to do with the price tag than their chic, modern decor. But by drawing in a few of their pieces and adding a little of your own personal touch, these Ikea hacks are sure to bring new life to your kitchen.

1.The Island

The island is a center piece in your kitchen, so this is not a place you want to associate with the word bland. Try adding some sleek grey paint and a small piece of marble to give this simple island an upgrade.

2. Mug Rack

There are probably several places you could use this IKEA GRUNDTAL rail. And why not? It is so versatile. For the kitchen we suggest a quick coat of paint and then hanging it as a mug rack. This will allow you to show off a little of your personal taste as well as free up some precious cabinet space.

mug rack

3. Painted Clock

This little touch may be retro or perhaps modern chic but no matter how you define it, it will be sure to liven up your living space.

painted ikea clock

4. Charging Station

This simple hanging basket could save you hundreds on a new phone. We all know the dangers of charging on the island. It’s just so convenient. Well now, with this kitchen hack there will no longer be a reason to worry. A rail, some hooks and a basket will create a safe place to charge.


5. Wall Rack

LOVE this one! Hooks are your best friend in the kitchen, and this wall feature gives you plenty of places to put them. Simply attach a set of bed slats to the wall using wall hangers and start hooking. What you hang from them is up to you but you are sure to have plenty of room for both storage and decor.


6. Trivet Tray

The problem with your basic wooden tray is that things can slide around on it and well, it’s basic. The good news is you can easily upgrade it by adhering rope to the bottom. Thus adding both charm and functionality.

7. Cabinet Makeover

Minimal, modern and sleek. If these words describe your taste, then this cabinet do-over is for you. Find some handles that mimic the ones on your appliances. Then paint both the handles and cabinets a matte black to smooth out the features of the kitchen.


8. Cork Coasters

Never underestimate the power of painters tape. Just lay out your design and paint each section of the coaster. When the paint dries, remove the tape and voila! You have a simple design with a splash of color. The best part of these little pieces of color is that they can easily be changed out the next time you get bored and decide to redo your kitchen color scheme.

9. Accented Accents

Spray paint is your friend. These inexpensive little cans will bring fresh life to some otherwise boring pieces. Use these gold accented bar stools as your inspiration and see what else in your kitchen could uses a golden face lift.

10. Wallpaper Step Stools

Just the words “removable wallpaper” are enough to get the creative juices flowing. Oh the possibilities. Here we see it used to completely revamp these step stools, which are sure to be one of the most talked about pieces in your kitchen.



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