10 Ways ‘Fixer Upper’ Stars Chip And Joanna Gaines Would Fix Up Your Home


Anyone who follows the show “Fixer Upper” knows that the designers have some signature moves for creating warm, inviting and livable homes. Let’s take a look at how to implement some of these same strategies in your own home.

1. Shiplap, find it and use it

Any true “Fixer Upper” fan would have seen this coming and knows exactly why it is first on the list because they have watched how it can transform a home. For those that aren’t in the know, shiplap are wooden boards used to build barns and other outdoor buildings. They’re often made of pine and are cut in a way that makes the boards fit together. By bringing the boards inside and freshening them up with a few coats of stain, new character can be added to your formerly sterile walls.


2. Salvage what you can

What’s old may become new again, so nothing gets thrown away. The Gaines re-purpose old wood into beautiful islands, turn gates into wall hangings, and bring outdoor shutters in. Each time this is done, a uniqueness is added to the home. So start searching the dumpsters for what may become your new favorite piece.

3. Add in some blue-grays

For Joanna, these colors have almost become another neutral. The lighter blues with grey undertones bring a calming feel to the home. Of course they must be brought in with a light hand, so be careful to use restraint with this one. If you want to really channel the Gaines in your paint choices, you can shop their new line of paints.

4. Bring in a farm sink

These deep country pieces bring their own charm into a home. The exposed fronts typically make it easier to reach in and clean, making them the perfect combination of aesthetic appeal and practicality. They are definitely a distinct insert in all of Joanna’s homes.


5. Don’t ignore the backsplash

Joanna’s top choice here would be white subway tiles with a dark grey grout, according to HGTV. The purpose for this is that the grout will cause the tiles to stand out bringing a new level of depth to the kitchen. Joanna does suggest skipping her top choice if your kitchen is already busy, as this could add to the chaos. Instead go with a lighter grout to smooth things out.

6. Add some metal to the mix

If using metal in your home decor seems cold and industrial to you, bringing it in with some forethought they can really up your style game. Think colored metal chairs at a rustic farm table, a combination metal and wood stool, or cast-iron light fixtures.

7. Insert a giant clock

This is one of my personal favorites of Gaines’ touches. They find a large clock full of character and make it a focal piece in the home. According to HGTV, what Joanna loves about the big clock “is the symbolism—that time is a gift.” Let’s make the most of it.


8. Find yourself a vintage sign

These signs add a personal touch to a home. There are even some places that will create a personalized “vintage” sign, so you better start working on that family motto.

9. Increase natural lighting

The easiest ways to bring natural lighting into a home is by not blocking it. And how do we accomplish this? Easily enough, by taking down walls that are limiting the flow of light to a room. Many older homes were designed to have boxy, divided room. By opening up living spaces, they become more inviting to light and to company.

10. Add a set (or two) of French doors

I had you sweating waiting for it. Every sliding glass door the Gaines come in contact with are swapped out for French doors. Whether they lead outside or to a dining room, they allow light to flood through them.


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