This restaurant’s 100 Pound Pizza might make the Guinness Book of World Records

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America is a country where we pride ourselves on everything big: Big Macs, Big Gulps, big cars, big houses. Now, we can add big pizza to that list — really big, in fact.

Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar, in Southgate, Mich., is already locally known for its colossal sundaes, two pound tacos, gallon-sized margaritas and a record-breaking burger. And on Valentine’s Day, owner Stephen Mallie created a gargantuan 100 pound pizza.

What goes into a 72-inch pizza fit for an entire football team? As Mallie explained to, it started with about 50 pounds of dough for the crust. I think it’s safe to assume nobody is flinging and flipping this dough in the air.

Then he slathered 20 pounds of tomato sauce and spread 35 pounds of cheese across the six-feet-by-six-feet crust. For a plain cheese, it stops there; otherwise he spices it up with veggies or meat.

Clearly, this monster won’t fit in a standard oven. This pizza was so enormous that it had to be baked in an outdoor oven. You can watch friends of Mallie’s very carefully move the giant pizza here:

According to Mallie, this ginormous pie could beat the current Guinness World Record-holder for largest pizza, which was 54 inches.

Lots of Love

Mallie and his pizza team cooked up a pepperoni pizza for Valentine’s Day for the Southgate Fire Department. That’s definitely some good fuel for the fire (fighters).

They also made a half -cheese, half-pepperoni pie for the Jesse L. Anderson Elementary School in Trenton, Mich. so the whole school could share. Talk about a pizza party!

Made to Order

If you live within, or travel to, a five-mile radius of the restaurant, you can have this pizza delivered right to your door. We’re going to assume Mallie’s will disassemble this giant pizza for delivery.

For a record-breaking pizza, the prices seem completely reasonable. A cheese pizza costs $300, meat pizza is $350 and a veggie pizza is $335. There is no delivery fee, but consider a generous tip knowing the extra effort that went into the extra-extra-extra large pie.

According to the News-Herald, your love of ‘za will do a good deed, too: The restaurant will donate the proceeds from the first gargantuan pizza sold to a local animal shelter.

Dean Martin probably didn’t imagine a 100 pounder when he crooned about love and big pizza pies. That’s a whole lot of amore!

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