11 Best Throwback Thursday Apps To Make Your Phone Take Vintage Photos And Videos

#ThrowbackThursday (or #TBT) is one of the greatest Instagram days of the week. It allows you to Instagram that embarrassing photo of your significant other on Halloween, but it also lets you put tear-jerking photos of you and your college friends side by side in a then-and-now collage. Now, you can take Throwback Thursday to a whole new level by giving your photos and videos a truly vintage appeal, as if they were taken 50 or 100 years ago or just have a cool, retro vibe. Here are 11 of the best Throwback Thursday apps to take vintage photos and videos.

1. Hipstamatic ($1.99)

Hipstamatic lets you choose from various camera “lenses” and “films” and shoot old, analog-style photographs, according to AppAdvice. You can only shoot from inside the app and there’s no post-photo processing.

Download Hipstamatic – Hipstamatic, LLC

2. Retro Camera Plus (Free)

Retro Camera Plus works a lot like Hipstamatic, except it’s free. Woohoo! You can choose from five different analog “cameras” and shoot with them from inside the app, according to AppAdvice. The photos can be a bit kitschy, but that’s half of why they’re so much fun. So get ready to twirl your fake mustache, drink an expensive coffee, and wear your best hipster glasses while shooting old-school photos with this app.


Download Retro Camera Plus – Urbian, Inc.

3. Infinicam ($0.99)

Infinicam is cool because it allows you to add vintage effects after you take the perfect photo, unlike the above two apps. Also, if you happen to use a certain mixture of filters and effects that you really love, you can save the special “recipe” for future use.


Download Infinicam – Nevercenter Ltd. Co.

4. ShakeItPhoto ($1.99)

ShakeItPhoto mimics the experience of using an old Polaroid camera. It even has the white frame, distinct, washed-out coloration and the sound effects of a real Polaroid, according to AppAdvice. Once you’ve taken a photo, you can shake your phone to help the photo “develop” faster.


Download ShakeItPhoto – Banana Camera Co.

5. Pic Grunger (Free)

This would be a great app for people who love the punk, grunge, or hardcore scene. The app helps make your photos look dirty. You can even customize the type and intensity of the dirtiness (I had no idea there were different types of dirty!). I guess #ThrowbackThursday can mean that photo you lost under the bed for three years… Right?


Download Pic Grunger – Stephen Spring

6. AgingBooth (Free)

AgingBooth is for people who want to reverse Throwback Thursday and maybe play a trick on a close friend. The app ages faces in photos to make them look older, according to iTunes. You can even choose to just age one face out of many in a photo and save the photo to your phone once your finished. AgingBooth even allows you to link to Facebook and Twitter so you can shared your aged photos with the world. I’m not quite sure how happy your aged friends would be about that, though. OK, you didn’t hear about this app from me!


Download AgingBooth – PiVi & Co

7. Vintage Scene ($1.99)

Vintage Scene allows you to take your photography all the way back to when photography first began. The filters and effects help you create photos that look like they’re from the 1950s or earlier. There’s a reason this app has “vintage” in its name, and it’s well deserved.


Download Vintage Scene – JixiPix Software

8. 8mm Vintage Camera ($1.99)

This app come with 25 different looks that feature different variations of dust and scratches, retro colors, flickering effects and light leaks, according to Appstorm. You can even mix and match five different lenses and five different looks to create your own vintage video vibe.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/-P-9LqeCWmY” align=”left”]

Download 8mm Vintage Camera – Nexvio Inc.

9. CinemaFX For Video ($2.99)

I know, $2.99 is getting pricey for an app. But this app boasts 55 different effects to make your videos look super amazing and vintage-y. You can even export you videos to YouTube in HD when you’re finished. This app might be for the more seasoned smartphone videographer.


Download CinemaFX for Video – Nexvio Inc.

10. VHS Camcorder ($3.99)

VHS Camcorder is one of the most famous vintage video apps available. The app was designed to “look and sound like videotape recordings that have been in storage for 30 years,” according to Mashable. Even the app’s homepage looks like something from the early ’90s, when the internet was just getting off its feet. In the app’s description for “Why You Need It, ” two lines read, “Impress that girl you’re obsessed with by using our app to convince her you built a time machine,” and “Make your kids’ incredibly boring school plays actually watchable.”


Download VHS Camcorder – Rarevision
Images: Hipstamatic; Refinelubis/WordPress; David Rabinad, Weatherington & Co/Instagram; Infinicam, Banana Camera Co.CinemaFX, Pi Vi & CoJixiPix/iTunes; Nexvio/YouTube; Rarevision 

Photo by Infomastern

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