11 Genius Ways To Reuse Toilet Paper Tubes

The next time you’re about to toss that empty roll of toilet paper in the trash—stop!

Instead of getting rid of these small cardboard tubes, breathe some new life into them. They’re perfect for crafts, organizing and other practical tasks.

1. Desk Organizer

If pencils, pens and other office supplies are taking over your desk, consider reusing empty toilet paper rolls to get things under control. Simply spray paint several rolls with a fun color or decorate them to match your office, then attach their bottoms to a piece of cardboard to help them stand up. Or, use paperclips or fun string to hold them together. Cut some of the rolls down for smaller items.

Mommy Moment

2. Wrapping Paper Storage

When it’s time to wrap gifts this holiday season, use toilet paper tubes to hold your wrapping paper rolls in place when you’re done. This storage helper will keep your wrapping paper neat and tidy all year long.

The Cheese Thief

3. Fire Starters

Save those extra toilet paper rolls for summer and take them with you when you go camping. Use scissors to cut the rolls into skinny strips for kindling, or stuff them full of newspaper or dryer lint, then tape over the ends for a faux log that will help get your fire burning.

Leann's Tastes

4. Scarf Organizers

Scarves are so hard to hang or fold, so why not use toilet paper rolls to keep them organized? Place toilet paper rolls in an empty dresser drawer and roll your scarves to fit inside them.

Ali Alexander/Instructables

5. Bird Feeders

This is a fun one. Slather on some peanut butter, then roll the sticky tubes in birdseed. Hang your new bird feeders from a tree or your porch. Be sure to hang them near large branches so birds can sit and eat.

Bird feeder
Go Grow Go/Felicia Carter

6. Cord Organizers

Take care of that mess of electrical cords by wrapping them up with empty toilet paper rolls. Stash them in a bin for easy access. The best part? You won’t have to untangle them when you want to use one.

Make Something Mondays

7. Tube Binoculars

For the youngsters in your life, turn two empty toilet paper tubes into binoculars—perfect for bird-watching or an outdoor adventure. Decorate the tubes with paint or a fun fabric (like pink camo!), then secure them together with a rubber band. Attach a string for a neck strap.

Crafts By Amanda/Amanda Formaro

8. Kitchen Knife Sheath

Flatten a toilet paper tube and tape one end shut to make a kitchen knife sheath. Keep bugs at bay and keep the sharp knife blade covered when you go camping or have a picnic.

Non-Stop Healthy

9. Seed Starter

Before you plant your garden this spring, start seeds in tiny toilet paper roll pots. Cut each roll in half, then cut four half-inch slits on one end. Fold the four flaps over each other to close off that side of the tube. Fill with dirt, plant one seed in each pot and add water. The cardboard should break down in the soil, but you can also remove the tube just before planting.

Garden Therapy

10. Eyeglass Case

Eyeglass cases can be expensive, so why not make your own at home? Cut an empty toilet paper tube lengthwise down one side. Then, pick out a funky fabric that you like and glue it around the outside the tube. Tuck in the edges and glue those too. Finally, use a small line of glue to reassemble the tube. Secure the edge with binder clips.

Homework/Carolyn Garris

11. Heart Stamp

Use a toilet paper tube to make a heart stamp that’s perfect for DIY valentines. Start by flattening the tube. Then push one crease down into the tube to create the top of the heart. Wrap a piece of tape around the tube to hold the heart shape. Pour a little red or pink paint onto a paper plate and stamp away.

Rust & Sunshine/Michelle DuPuis