11 simple hacks for a more organized and functional home

I know it can sometimes be a pain to organize a messy home, but don’t you feel better once you’ve done it? I know I do. It’s like ripping a Band-Aid off; you’ve just got to do it and get it over with. It’s hardly painful — unless, that is, you put things away in a way that looks nice, but isn’t functional. I think we all know what I mean.

For instance, I feel like my kitchen is clean when the counters are clean, but if you look in the cabinets, you’ll find my pots stacked neatly, one on top of the other. What happens when I need to get to that bottom one, though? Well, it’s a loud, clanging mess

Let’s face it: We could all work on finding the right balance between organization and function, couldn’t we?

Lucky for us, these 11 tips will help us do just that!

1. Fold Sheets Inside Matching Pillow Cases

Folding bedsheets and storing them is always quite the task for me, but this genius hack makes it a cinch. Just fold sheets inside of the pillow case for easy access and storage.

2. Store Eye Shadow In An Ice Cube Tray

By placing eye shadows in an ice tray, you can easily locate each and every color. Just a marvelous idea, isn’t it?

3. Wrap Cords Inside Toilet Paper Roll

If you’ve got tons of cords that need to be stored (because who doesn’t nowadays?), keep them from getting into a tangled mess by wrapping them up inside a toilet paper roll.

4. Use A Tension Rod Underneath The Sink

Hanging a tension rod underneath the sink allows you to store cleaning bottles so that you can easily locate them when you need them without having to pull them all out one by one.

5. Use Magnetic Spice Jars

Adding magnets to spice jars means that you can store them on the side of the fridge and clear up some of that counter space. What a great trick, huh?

6. Make A Paint Palette A Jewelry Tray

Display jewelry in a way that is organized and aesthetically pleasing by using a paint palette to separate rings from earrings.

7. Store Ribbon In A Sugar Shaker

Especially during the holiday season, this is just the kind of thing I need. Storing ribbon in a sugar dispenser will make wrapping presents way easier.

8. Use Baskets As Wall Storage

Attaching baskets on the wall can be a great way to store things: one, because it’s super accessible and, two, it doesn’t look half bad, you know?

9. Make Use Of Towel Racks Outside Of The Bathroom

Towel racks are genius invention if you ask me. They can be used outside of the bathroom, too. For instance, towel racks can be used in the kitchen to store pots and pans or in the bedroom to store necklaces, ties and scarves. Think about it — the possibilities are endless.

10. Place Clipboards On Walls

Hanging clipboards on walls can be a great way to store your memos, grocery lists, photos and more. Decorative and functional!

11. Make A Hanging Laundry Basket

Laundry baskets are a necessity, but they don’t have to take up a whole lot of space. With this DIY tutorial, you can hang your laundry basket right on the back of a door, giving you even more floor space. Perfect!