11 No Carve Ways To Decorate A Pumpkin

Pumpkins are great for eating and for decorating your home during the fall months, but who has the time (or skill) to decorate with an old fashioned Jack-O-Lantern? I know I certainly don’t. But, you can still use pumpkins in more untraditional ways to keep your home feeling seasonal, without slicing your finger in the process.

Check out these 11 simple ways to use pumpkins around the house. They are sure to look amazing, but what’s even better is they don’t require any carving at all.

1. Pumpkin Flower Holder

Using hot glue, you can use pumpkins as a way to display succulent plants throughout the fall season. Learn how to make it.

Simply Happenstance

2. Painted Pumpkin

By adding a simple coat of paint, pumpkins transform into a chic way of decorating. Follow the steps here.

Lolly Jane

3. Monogrammed Pumpkin

Place a monogrammed pumpkin on your front porch to celebrate your family name this fall. Use this tutorial to create a monogrammed pumpkin.

A Homemade Living

4. Stencil Spider Pumpkin

Spooky, but simple, all you need for this is a stencil instead of a knife. Learn how here.

All You

5. Cat Pumpkin

Even your pumpkin can wear a costume this Halloween. Get the directions.

All You

6. Mummy Pumpkin

You’ll hardly recognize that orange pumpkin once it’s all dressed up as a mummy. Find out how to make it here.

A Little Bit Of This & That

7. Glitter Pumpkin

Have some fun and add glitter to your pumpkin for a festive touch. Follow these steps.

Shaking the excess orange glitter off the pumpkin onto brown paper in this halloween how to project.
Sale Savvy

8. Bedazzled Pumpkin

A little sparkle goes a long way. Learn more here.

Making Lemonade

9. Chalkboard Paint Pumpkin

Write fall messages on your pumpkin by adding chalkboard paint to them. Use this guide to transform your pumpkin into a message board.

Fair Goods

10. Lace Pumpkin

A little bit of fabric is all you need to give a pumpkin a classy upgrade. Learn more here.

Green Moxie

11. Push Pin Pumpkin

You can use any type of colorful or decorative push pin to add a little something to a pumpkin this season. Follow these simple steps to create one for yourself.

A Subtle Revelry

What are you waiting for? These 11 ideas make using a pumpkin as decoration much easier than you’d ever imagined. Welcome fall the right way with these easy, no-knife-involved pumpkin modifications.

[h/t: All You and Bustle]