10 Surprising Things You Can Make In A Slow Cooker

We all know slow cookers and crock-pots are great for making stews and roasts and you name it, but candles and soaps, too? No way!

In this her blog post, Kelly Smith Trimble gives some great ideas for things to heat up in your slow cooker.

She suggests having one crock pot for for food, one for crafts. I completely agree! Who wants to have beef stew that has remnants of the lavender candles you made last week?

Here are 10 ideas for you to try at home.

1. Candles

You can melt the wax and then just have jars on hand to pour it into. Get the recipe.


2. Soap

There’s all kinds of natural soaps you can slow cook, and here’s how!

DIY Network

3. Natural Shea Butter Sunscreen

Yes, DIY sunscreen! You’ve gotta love that!


4. Lip Balm

It only requires a few ingredients (including vitamin E oil and beeswax) and, a short time later, you’ll be wearing your slow cooker creation.


5. Potpourri

Yes, you can easily pick some up at the store, but by making your own, you can make bundles as gifts, freshen up every room in your house with it, etc. Get the recipe.

potpourri crockpot photo
Photo by Shardayyy

6. Room Deodorizer

Not just for the fridge anymore, just add some baking soda to water and it’ll help freshen up even the most musty room.


7. Humidifier

You no longer have to go spend around $100 for a humidifier—just use your slow cooker!

crock pot steam photo
Photo by allaboutgeorge

8. Dyed Yarn (Or Fabric)

You can do so with Kool-Aid or other agents, and it’s easier than it sounds!

dye yarn photo
Photo by ilashdesigns

9. Play Dough

All kids leave Play-Doh out to dry at some point, but now you can easily whip up a new batch!

play dough photo
Photo by Jason Lander

10. Crayons

Were you about to toss a bunch of broken crayons? Well, now you can simply melt them into fun-shaped, colorful new ones.

Of course, Pinterest has ideas, also, so if the above don’t keep you busy enough, go there next.

crayons photo
Photo by Cubosh

[h/t: DIY Network]

Photo by ilashdesigns