11 Things People Who Don’t Wear Glasses Will Never Understand

As someone who realized there vision was impaired at the age of 15, I’ve gone through my fair share of frames. I also know what it’s like to be familiar with two different worlds: the one with glasses on and the one with glasses off.

I’m basically useless without my eyewear, and it’s something that people who don’t need a pair of specs (or contacts, for that matter) will never understand.

1. Once My Glasses Are Off, The Night’s Over

When I take my glasses off right before bed, don’t plan on talking to me again until the morning. Because for some reason, if I can’t see, I feel like I can’t hear, either.


2. Some Things Are Just Out Of Range

There’s that bit that you can see, but everything else is blurry. People who don’t have impaired vision will never know what it’s like to have a very small range before the world basically stops and turns into a blurred mess.


3. Leaving The House Without Your Glasses Is Basically Your Worst Nightmare

You know how people have dreams about going throughout their day, but without clothes— well, I do the same thing, but instead of being naked, I’m not wearing my glasses.


4. You Have To Get Much Closer To Talk To Me

Once my glasses are off, you’ve got to stand very closely if you want to talk to me. I need to see your lips moving. Closer, closer. That’s it.


5. That Feeling That Your Glasses Are Still On

You know that feeling you have when your glasses aren’t on, but you feel like you’re still wearing them? That must be stemmed from some sort of separation anxiety, don’t you think?


6. The Act Of Pushing Up Your Glasses When You’re Not Wearing Them

Oh, and I also do this thing (on the occasion that I wear my contacts) where I’ll reach to push my glasses up. It’s a tick I have, I guess.


7. Knowing That Your World With Glasses Is Drastically Different Than Without

I live in two different worlds. A fuzzy one without glasses, and a crystal clear one with glasses. Some people just don’t get what that’s like, you know? But, it’s something you and I have to live with. Every. Single. Day.


8. Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night To Go To The Bathroom Is A Struggle

So, it’s already hard to maneuver when you first wake up, but imagine not being able to see on top of it. It leads to a lot of stubbed toes. Trust me.


9. The First Thing You Do In The Morning Is Reach For Your Glasses

My morning routine: turn off the alarm, reach for glasses.


10. Doing Your Makeup Is Sort Of Difficult

You can forget about doing makeup easily without your glasses. I have to stand right on top of the mirror to do mine, and sometimes I’m still surprised by how I look once my spectacles are on. Sometimes it’s a pleasant surprise, other times… not so much.


11. Searching For Those Contacts Is Basically A Lost Cause

And when I do decide to trade my specs for contacts, I always seem to drop one on the floor. Then, the search for the missing contact begins.


So, if you find me crawling around on the bathroom floor, you better believe I’ve either lost my glasses or I’ve dropped a contact. Yes, I resort to crawling if I’ve misplaced my glasses, too. Because I’m a lost cause without them so, what else am I supposed to do?

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[h/t: BuzzFeed]