11 Of The Wackiest Traffic Laws You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

4. California: No driving with thick glasses

Once you pass your driving test, you may think you know all the rules of the road, like not crossing a double yellow line if the line is solid on your side. A lot of traffic laws seem like common sense, but we did some digging on unexpected traffic laws, many of which vary from state to state and country to country, and some of them are downright wacky. Read on for 11 of the most surprising.

1. Missouri: No Honking Someone Else’s Car Horn

In University City, Missouri, it is illegal to honk another person’s car horn, whether the car is in motion or not.

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2. Cyprus: No Eating Or Drinking While Driving

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Yes, you read that correctly. In Cyprus, it is just as illegal for someone to eat and/or drink while driving as it is to use a mobile phone with their hands. The fine is €85 and 2-4 penalty points. If you reach 12 points, you can get your driver’s license suspended. Plus, it takes three years to get penalty points removed.

3. Sweden: Headlights Must Be Used 24 Hours A Day

Even when the sun is shining, you have to have your headlights on when driving in Sweden.

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4. California: No Driving With Thick Glasses

Yes, you read that correctly. According to Vehicle Code Section 23120, “No person shall operate a motor vehicle while wearing glasses having a temple width of one-half inch or more if any part of such temple extends below the horizontal center of the lens so as to interfere with lateral vision.” Hipsters, you’ve been warned.

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5. Oregon: Improperly Opening And Leaving A Car Door Open

Yup, if you open a door of a vehicle and it is not reasonably safe to do so, or if you leave a door open for too long (that is exposed to traffic, pedestrians or bicycles on sidewalks), you’re looking at a Class D traffic violation. It could cost you $90, so proceed with caution when it comes to door-opening in Oregon!

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6. Maryland: No Swearing

In Rockville, Maryland, it’s a misdemeanor if you swear, specifically: “A person may not profanely curse and swear or use obscene language upon or near any street, sidewalk or highway within the hearing of persons passing by, upon or along such street, sidewalk or highway,” according to their Code of Ordinances. So Marylanders better keep that road rage in check!

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7. New York: Keep Your Clothes On In The Car

In Sag Harbor, New York, it’s illegal to disrobe in your car. So if you’re one of those people who has to change in a hurry, don’t use your car as a changing room.

8. Ohio: No Skateboarding After Dark

If you’re a skateboarder, you can’t take to your board after dark within the Akron, Ohio, city limits.

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9. Ohio: No Skateboarding or Roller Skating In The Street

Speaking of Ohio and skating, skateboarding and roller skating are not allowed on the streets of Canton. Crossing a crosswalk while skating is the only exception to this rule.

10. Arkansas: No Honking After 9 p.m.—At Least If You’re At A Sandwich Shop guesses this is because sandwich shops are probably closed at this time. So why honk, right?

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11. Minnesota: No Dirty Tires

In Minnetonka, Minnesota, you cannot drive with dirty tires. It is considered a “public nuisance”—and illegal—for a truck’s or other vehicle’s tires to deposit mud, dirt, sticky substances, litter or other material on a street or highway. If this does happen, the vehicle owner can be fined up to $2,000.


So there you have it. We’re all for visiting different states and countries, but consider yourself warned. Before you do any driving, be sure to learn the local rules of the road!