11 Ways To Save Money At IKEA

If you’re as obsessed with interior design as I am, then IKEA is pretty much your happy place. And if that’s the case, then you likely find yourself wandering through their maze for hours finding things that you never knew you wanted, but now suddenly have to own.

If you don’t come into the store prepared, you can definitely wind up spending much more money than you intended. But, take it from me, a list-obsessed IKEA addict, if you have a plan and take advantage of some of the rewards programs they have in place, you’ll wind up saving a lot of money while shopping at your favorite place on Earth.

Check out 11 ways to save at IKEA, and then start planning your next trip there because it’s been a month or two since you last went, right? So, you’re definitely due a visit!

1. Take Shortcuts

There’s no way to make it through the maze without seeing some amazing things that aren’t on your list. So, save yourself (and your wallet) by taking shortcuts whenever possible.  These “shortcut” doors allow you to quickly move from one section to another without being tempted by all those great random items in the maze.


2. Have A List

You can browse the IKEA catalog and/or print out a list of items and their exact locations in the store so that you can be sure you know what you’re going in for. That way, you’ll only buy what you absolutely need.


3. Take Advantage Of Their Rewards Programs

IKEA has a rewards program that’s free to sign up for and offers plenty of perks like discounts in the cafeteria and more. There’s also a way to a $25 discount on a $250 purchase if you let them know that you’re moving.


4. Shop From The “As-Is” Section

There’s an “As-Is” section full of items that have been returned, so check for quality pieces at a discount here. This is sure to become your new favorite part of the store, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. Run, don’t walk there.

as is

5. DIY Cheap Items To Make Them Look Nicer

There are plenty of IKEA furniture hacks online, so even if you opt for a cheap piece of furniture, there are a ton of ways to make it look like you spent a lot of money on it all thanks to the greatness that is the Internet.

Sugar And Cloth

6. Look For Discounts At Specific Locations

Depending on which IKEA location you’re shopping at, there can be special discounts. So, be sure to check for promotions at the store you’re going to before ever taking a step inside the store.


7. Wait For The Kitchen Sale

There’s a huge sale on kitchen appliances and more three to four times a year. Just try to plan your IKEA shopping trip for when the sale will be.


8. Let Them Deliver

The in-house delivery service that can be cheaper than renting a U-Haul or other moving service, so consider this as an option for any big purchases.


9. Look For “Last Chance” Deals

Those yellow “Last Chance” tags often mean great discounts, so keep your eyes peeled!


10. Shop IKEA On Amazon

You won’t always find items at a lesser price, but shipping is usually way cheaper when you go through Amazon. Just keep that in mind if you’re shopping from IKEA online.


11. Take Advantage Of Wi-Fi

IKEA is often set up with Wi-Fi, so enjoy some meatballs while you do a little bit of price-checking before making any major purchases.


With these money-saving tips, your next trip to IKEA is sure to be a thrifty one! Who knows, maybe you can even buy an extra piece of furniture with all that money you’ll save. Just think of the possibilities!

[h/t: Good Housekeeping]