11 Ways To Reuse Jars For A More Beautiful Home

Got extra jars taking up prime cabinet space in the kitchen as they await the final march to the recycling bin? Why not reuse them for home decor? We’ve collected 11 ideas to get you inspired for your next creation!

1. Make Your Own Terrarium

This project, published by Amy Merrick on Design Sponge, uses leftover pickle jars. You don’t need anything fancy to bring a touch of nature into your home.

jar terrarium
Design Sponge I Amy Merrick

2. Make Cheesecake In a Jar

Imagine your own tiny cheesecake! These deliciously easy treats from The Italian Dish Blog uses four-ounce jelly jars. However, you can probably adapt the recipe to fit other sizes.

The recipe makes 24 individual cheesecakes—a perfect dessert to share with friends or serve at a party. Watch out, though. They’ll go quick!

cheesecake jar
Italian Dish Blog

3. Photo Jars

Everyone has printed photos lying around. Create a new type of photo display and use those leftover jars at the same time! Photojojo has the instructions for this project ready to go, and you only need a jar, pictures, a ruler, scissors and and (optionally) a pencil. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Photo jars

4. Decorative Jar Lights

Combine string lights and a large jar to create a pretty jar lamp. These DIY lamps, courtesy of Making Lemonade Blog, will shine a beautiful light on any table.

5. Rocket Globes

Blast into orbit with these out-of-this-world Buzz Rocket Globes from Disney Family. Think of these as “star globes” instead of snow globes. Baby jars are the central piece of this easy craft that kids of all ages will love.

Disney Family

6. Family Job Jar

Follow this idea from All Things Mamma: Get some popsicle sticks, write down different chores the kids can do around the house and have them pick out a job from the “Job Jar” when it comes to chore time. You can also create a matching “Fun Jar” filled with activities written on popsicle sticks that can be picked out anytime you want to give a reward for good behavior.


7. Crayon Candle Jar

This groovy candle posted on the Chaos Ensued Blog uses both leftover jars and crayons. This mom and her kids used a little creativity and found a fun way to spend the day.

crayon candle jar
Chaos Ensued Blog

8. Sewing Kit In A Jar

Always searching for a needle, thread or buttons when you need them? Make this sewing kit jar from Momtastic for easy access during a button replacement emergency.

sewing kit jar
Momtastic | Liz Stanley

9. Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

This adorable garden from Food Family Finds gives cooks easy access to fresh herbs. Nothing is better than fresh herbs to make a dish go from dull to delicious.

mason jar herb garden
Food Family Finds

10. Bathroom Jar Organizer

Does your bathroom sink or counter look like something exploded all over it? Get organized with this Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer. You can find the directions on how to make this simple project at The DIY Playbook and take back your bathroom space.

mason jar bathroom organizer
DIY Playbook

11. Pantry Storage Jars

The Happiest Home recommends using leftover jars to store food in the pantry. Move things like rice, sugar, chocolate chips, raisins and more into smaller jars to make more room. Say goodbye to bulky boxes.

pantry storage jars
The Happiest Home