12 Beach Hacks For A More Enjoyable Vacation

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Having lived on an island for a number of years, I definitely know a thing or two about going to the beach. While the idea of a beach trip is obviously fun (in theory), you’ll find that packing for an entire day in the hot sand and sun can be easier said than done.

You learn by trial and error, and take it from me, these 12 beach hacks will make your life much, much easier. So, if you have your sights set on a family beach trip for spring break, start taking notes because you’re going to want to remember these tricks for a day of actual fun in the sun.

1. Bring A Wagon

Toting a wagon may seem a little excessive, but believe me— it’s much easier to pull one wagon than it is to try and juggle all of those toys, towels and chairs.


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2. Pack Individual Snacks

Individual bags of chips, crackers, etc. are much easier to handle than the family sized bags. Plus, you don’t have to worry about one sandy hand ruining the whole bag, you know what I mean?


3. Freeze Drinks

Freezing your water bottles, Capri Suns, or whatever it is that your drinking will keep them cooler much longer. They’ll melt enough for you to be able to drink them, but they won’t get hot and gross nearly as fast.

Passion For Savings

4. Make Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

It’s always nice to soothe the skin after a long day in the heat with some aloe vera. Making your own aloe vera ice cubes and bringing them with you to the shore will give you a nice, cool refresher before you pack up and head back to the car.

The Dumbbelle

5. Fill A Spray Bottle With Vinegar

Vinegar will help soothe jellyfish stings, so have a spray bottle handy, just in case.


6. Set Up A Tent

If going to the beach is something your family likes to do often, then you may want to consider dropping some money on a tent that will be big enough to provide a little shade for everyone.


7. Use Bath Toys As Beach Toys

Shovels and other beach toys may only get used a couple times a year, so if you don’t want to have toys that aren’t getting used lying around, take bath toys to the beach. If they’re fun in the tub, they’re sure to be fun in the ocean, too.

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8. Put Your Sunscreen In The Cooler

Letting your sunscreen chill will help keep it from being runny when you go to apply it. Plus, it’ll be refreshing to apply sunscreen that’s cool while out in the summer heat.


9. Store Electronics In Plastic Sandwich Bags

Keeping your electronics in a sandwich bag will keep them from getting sandy or wet. And it’s better safe than sorry!

One Good Thing

10. Use A Plastic Lid To Make Popsicles Easier

Placing a plastic lid under a popsicle will make them so much easier to eat. They melt fast in that summer sun, but this keeps the mess to a minimum.

One Good Thing

11. Use Water Balloons As Ice Packs

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on ice packs, instead, you can make them using water balloons. Plus, if you let these melt, that could be fun, too. Who’s up for a water balloon fight?

Brit + Co

12. Keep A Bucket Or Bottle Of Water For Rinsing

Have a designated bucket or bottle of water that is used purely for rinsing off some of the sand for when it’s time to head back home.


These tips will make your beach-going so much more enjoyable. Give each of these a try the next time you vacation seaside. You won’t regret it!

[h/t: Passion For Savings]