12 Foods From Trader Joe’s That You Need To Try

Trader Joe’s is a great grocery store for those who are looking to get tasty and organic food at affordable prices. With a vast variety of options, anyone can find a meal perfect for their taste palette. Wondering what to get the next time you’re in a Trader Joe’s? Here are a few foods that you need to try.

1. Sriracha Potato Chips


Add a bit of spice to your mid-day snack. These incredibly taste chips are ready to fill any snack craving.

2. Rosemary Garlic Monkey Bread


Need to add a “wow factor” to your next meal? Try using Trader Joe’s Rosemary Garlic Monkey Bread. This pull apart bread both smells and tastes delicious.

3. Cranberry Chèvre Log


Take Thanksgiving to the next level with this cranberry chèvre log. It’s a creamy goat cheese topped with juicy cranberries. Pair this cheese with crunchy crackers and apples for an easy holiday snack.

4. Butternut Squash Soup


Love Panera Bread’s Autumn Squash soup? Well, in my opinion, the Trader Joe’s version is a near dupe. It’s so creamy and delicious that you’ll be reaching for it all winter long.

5. Maple Roasted Sweet Potatoes


Talk about a mouthwatering side dish! This tasty treat includes slow roasted sweet potatoes topped with cranberries and pecans. It’s basically Autumn in a box.

6. Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter


Say hello to your new favorite spread. Add it on top of fruit or cookies for an amazing sugary snack.

7. Chicken Salad


Make lunches a breeze with this creamy chicken salad mix. Filled with cranberries and pecans, this mix is loved by foodies and picky eaters alike!

8. Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Seeds


Fill your chocolate craving with this decadent snack. It’s impossible to just eat one.

9. Cilantro And Chive Yogurt Dip


Forget ranch dressing! This dip is a must have for any veggie tray.

10. Unexpected Cheddar


Don’t let the name scare you. This cheese is absolutely delicious. It’s a combination of Italian and cheddar cheeses that will have you coming back for more.

11. Vegan Tikka Marsala


Wake up your taste palette with this spicy meal. It’s perfect for cold winter nights when you’re looking for a meal to warm you up.

12. Charles Shaw Wine


While this wine is often referred too as “two buck chuck,” it’s actually pretty good. As a self-proclaimed wine snob, I give this wine my seal of approval.

Photo by JeepersMedia

Photo by JeepersMedia