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These 12 Products Were Made For People Who Hate Getting Out Of Bed

We all have that one friend...

I definitely wouldn’t describe myself as a morning person, and if you’ve got a few late sleepers in your life, I can tell you exactly what type of gifts they’d enjoy. Take it from someone who would never leave bed if they didn’t have to.

From pajamas that are comfy to sleep in to coffee-making alarm clocks, pieces that will aid in sleep or make getting out of bed easier are the kinds of thing you need to be looking for.

Try buying any of these 12 items for people who hate to leave their bed. Considering I’m writing this from my bed— I promise you’re in good hands with this gift guide.

1. Pajamas

A nightdress is perfect for sleeping in, so your bed-loving friend will surely appreciate this gift.

Screen shot 2015-11-09 at 5.14.21 PM
Forever 21

My Bed Graphic Nightdress, $14.90

2. Coffee Mug

This coffee mug nearly screams, “Don’t talk to me because I don’t care,” and isn’t that what every non-morning person needs before 12 p.m. I think so!


Screen shot 2015-11-09 at 5.24.14 PM
Easy Tiger Co.

No Mug, $12

3. Alarm Clock Coffee Maker

This alarm clock that brews coffee for you is the best gift you could ever get a sleepyhead. Coffee before you ever leave bed— now, that’s what I call service.

Josh Renouf Design

The Barisieur, TBD

4. Pillow With Pockets

This support pillow with pockets for storing notebooks, etc. is a great way to set up a workstation in their favorite place— bed, of course.


Screen shot 2015-11-09 at 5.46.46 PM

Nap Bed Rest, $99.99

5. Lap Desk

Their head feels better when there’s a pillow behind it, and their laptop will, too.


Cushioned Desk, $13.29

6. Eye Mask

This will make sleeping easier— not that the person who would love this gift has any problem with that.


Wake Me With Donuts Mask, $20

7. Robe

A comfortable robe allows someone to take a little bit of their bed with them while they’re up getting ready to start their day.



Soft Touch Dressing Gown, $44.77

8. But First, Coffee Shirt

Because every sleepy person needs coffee. First thing.


OK, But First Coffee T-Shirt, $16.99

9. Thermos

A portable thermos makes it easy to take coffee in the car because, this sleepy head is probably prone to running late.


Houndstooth Double Wall Traveler, $16.95

10. Reminder Doormat

If they’re still a little groggy— it couldn’t hurt to give them a reminder so they don’t forget anything on their way out of the door.


Keys, Wallet, Cell Phone Door Mat, $45

11. Blanket

A nice cozy blanket will make beds more snuggly (and probably even harder to leave).



Geo Fringe Throw, $148, Anthropologie

12. Inspirational Poster

An inspiring poster will help even the biggest bed-lover feel motivated to get up and start their day off right.


Chasing Paper

Goethe Poster, $20, Chasing Paper

So, if you’re wanting to please someone who only wants to stay in bed this holiday season, get them one of these 12 gifts. Oh, and do them a favor— don’t schedule any early morning get-togethers, would you?

Images: Courtesy Brands (12)