12 Retro School Supplies Every Girl From The ’80s Will Remember

Growing up as a girl of the 1980s certainly had its perks. Assuming you were into jelly accessories, colorful plastic barrettes and owning a thermos that matched your adorably illustrated “My Little Pony” plastic lunchbox.

Those were the good old days, and while decades have since passed, the era of bright and plastic fashion will always remain in our memories and in our hearts. Here are 13 of our favorite ’80s school supplies:

1. Stickers Of The Hottest Boys And The Coolest Technology

Embellishing your Trapper Keeper, flimsy paper folders and the inside of your plastic pencil boxes with stickers of cute boys and cool, new products was the trendy thing to do.


2. The Character Lunchbox With The Matching Thermos

Because any opportunity to display your pop culture love was an opportunity worth taking… even in the cafeteria.


3. Trapper Keepers

Because what else would you keep all that loose-leaf paper in?


4. A Crayon Box With A Built-In Sharpener

Forget iPhone’s and fancy gaming systems, all we wanted was a box of Crayons with a built-in sharper!

crayons sharpener photo
Flickr | John-Morgan

5. Puffy Stickers

These were like, state of the art!


6. Fun-Shaped Colorful Erasers

You could never have too many, even if you never actually used them to erase anything.


7. Loads Of Charms For Your Plastic Necklaces

There were so many choices that it was hard to decide which ones to add to your plastic chain necklace!


8.  Jelly Shoes

The jelly shoes that had glitter embedded in the plastic were extra special.


9. Plastic Snap-on Barrettes

There were so many choices of designs and color. And stepping on one of these was pretty similar to stepping on a LEGO.


10. Big Sweatshirts

Big sweatshirts weren’t just for lazy days lounging around. They were the style!


11. Arizona Jeans From J.C. Penney

A trip to J.C. Penney to pick up a pair of Arizona Jeans was the highlight of a girl’s weekend.


12. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

So maybe the scent didn’t last long, but they were still 100 percent worth it.


Which products are you feeling nostalgic for?