12 Snacks You Can Eat Before Bed—Without Blowing Your Diet

Has this ever happened to you? After eating healthy foods throughout the day and even making it to the gym, you suddenly get ravenously hungry right before bed. And, more likely than not, it is something sweet you are craving. Sadly, many people blow their diets by giving into these eleventh-hour (literally) sugar cravings.

The worst thing you can do for your waistline (and your sleep!) is load up on excess calories before bed. But, as Women’s Health explains, there are some bedtime snacks that won’t blow your diet. Here are some ideas:

1. Green Apple Sprinkled With Cinnamon

Skip the peanut butter, which can give you a unnecessary sugar rush right before bed. Instead, try cinnamon, which is naturally sweet and flavorful. Cinnamon has numerous health benefits, and it can actually work to lower blood sugar. Plus, it tastes great!

2. String Cheese

Cheese can be a smart bet if you have a salty craving. Loading up on excess carbs before bed is a bad idea, so go for string cheese instead of pretzels to satisfy your salt tooth.

3. Homemade Fruit Pop

It’s really simple to make your own fruit Popsicles at home! Check out this easy DIY from The Nourishing Home. They are both gluten-free and dairy-free, not to mention, tasty!

The Nourishing Home

4. Chocolate Pudding

Try a nonfat chocolate pudding cup, which should only run you about 100 calories. If you are feeling extra hungry, you can dip a graham cracker in it!

5. Healthy Brownie Mug

If you are really craving something decadent, try a microwave-brownie mug. Most brownies call for lots of sugar and other stuff that will kill your diet, but not this recipe from Running with Spoons. It’s ready in two minutes, diet-friendly, and oh so good.

Running with Spoons

6. DIY Protein Bar

A protein bar is an easy snack to satisfy a hunger craving, but processed foods aren’t always diet-friendly. Instead, make your own. Check out this recipe for DIY protein bars from Desserts with Benefits.

Desserts with Benefits

7. Whole Grain Cereal

A bowl of cereal with low-fat milk can be a simple, satisfying snack. Just make sure you aren’t eating a cereal that is high in sugar. Instead, look for something with whole grains and plenty of fiber. No shamrock-shaped marshmallows either, sorry!

8. Hard-Boiled Egg

No, really! If you are having a salt craving, a hard-boiled egg sprinkled with a bit of salt and pepper could be just the thing.

9. Sliced Avocado

Avocados are creamy, filling and decadent (yet still super-healthy and good for you). Healthy fats for the win!

Home Cooking Memories

10. Warm Apple Cider

Skip the nosh and just curl up with a mug of warm apple cider instead. Cozy. Sweet. Spicy. Yumm! Here’s a simple recipe from A Sweet Pea Chef.

11. Oatmeal

Yep, most of us think that oatmeal is just for breakfast, but it can actually be a great bedtime treat! It will keep your belly full and satisfy your sweet cravings without crashing your blood sugar like a candy bar would. Get recipe ideas here.

12. Strawberries And Cream

Strawberries with low-fat homemade cream. Okay, if this doesn’t have you drooling, you must really need some zzz’s! Recipe here from The Yummy Life.

The Yummy Life