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12 Stockpiling Tips For People Who Don’t Have A Ton Of Storage Space

How to use every nook and cranny!

When you have the opportunity to snag deep discounts on food and other items via coupon stacking, clearance sales or warehouse store deals, it’s definitely a good idea to stock up. Investing a little extra cash now can boost your budget down the road. But sometimes, the benefits of cash savings seem to be outweighed by the nagging question of where in heck you’re going to store all those items you just bought in bulk.

Don’t bypass great bargains just because you’re tight on space! There are numerous ways to stow your stockpile, even if you think you don’t have any extra room. Check out these creative tricks for storing your fabulous finds:

1. Under The Beds

If the only thing under your bed is dust bunnies (we’re not judging!), consider filling that space with bulk packages of paper goods, such as toilet paper, napkins or paper towels. Stash them in attractive boxes, which you can make by covering cardboard boxes in contact paper.


under bed storage photo
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2. Freestanding Shelves

Buy a standalone shelving unit or pantry that fits in a currently unused space, such as in your kitchen, laundry room or office. Stock it with items such as nonperishable foods, cleaning supplies or hygienic items.


3. Overhead

Walk around your home, looking up to see if you can spot any wasted space where you might store your stockpile. For instance, if there is space between the tops of your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling, you could load it with baskets or jars containing candies and other small items.


4. Over The Door

Use organizers that hang on the backs or insides of doors wherever you have extra space. Shoe organizers on linen closet doors can hold a stockpile of shampoo, body wash and deodorant; a full size rack on the pantry door can contain food packages.

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5. On The Wall

A wall-mounted shelf, or even a basket hung sideways on the bathroom wall is an ideal container for a large supply of toilet paper, soap or other necessities. You could also mount baskets in the kitchen to hold produce, spices or other edibles.

Blue wall and a shelf in the bathroom with hygiene accessories
Blue wall and a shelf in the bathroom with hygiene accessories

6. Unused Receptacles

Check your closets, garage and other places where you store stuff for anything that could be used as a container for your stockpile. Some ideas include luggage, large baskets or chests.

suitcase stack photo
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7. Over The Toilet

The wall space behind a toilet often goes unused. Make the most of it by installing a shelving unit tailored to fit your space, no matter how small. Choose a model with doors if you’d like to conceal your stockpile.

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8. In Plain Sight

There’s no law that you have to hide your hard-earned supply of goods. If you get rid of bulky packaging, you can store food such as rice, pasta or cereal in attractive containers on your kitchen counter.

kitchen counter photo
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9. In The Trunk

Provided it’s fairly empty, you could stow items you won’t need for some time in the trunk of your vehicle. Stick with lightweight items that won’t go bad, such as paper towels.

car trunk photo
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10. Double Duty Storage

When you purchase furnishings, look for items that can serve two purposes—including storage—such as an ottoman, coffee table or bench with a removable top.


11. Beneath Sinks

Keep a stockpile of cleaning supplies under your kitchen and bathroom sinks. A curtain on a tension rod will conceal items if your sink does not have cabinet doors.

under sink photo
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12. Out Of The House

If all else fails, look for places apart from your primary living space where you can stash your cache. This could be the garage, an outdoor shed or even your parents’ place, although you might consider sharing your goodies as a trade-off.

organized garage photo
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