12 Struggles Only People Who Wear Glasses Understand


Those of us who wear glasses face a particular set of struggles that our two-eyed brethren will just never understand. If you wear glasses, here are 13 things you can definitely relate to; if you don’t, read on and walk a mile in our bespectacled shoes.

1. A Hot Mug Of… Anything

You take a big drink and you have to guess what it is—because there’s no way can you see it.

fogged glasses

2. Taking Them Off Becomes A Problem

Maybe your eyes are tired and you need a break. Just don’t expect to read the menu on the wall—or even see your hand in front of your face.

blurred background defocusing city people crowd

3. Sunglasses? Total Hassle

If you don’t like to wear contacts, you basically have three choices: Constantly switch between prescription sunglasses and your regular glasses, rock the Transitions lenses and look about as cool as Richard Belzer, or just do double duty.


4. You Want To Rest In Bed

You have to make a choice: Rest, or be able to see the clock on the wall when it’s time to get up. You can’t have everything.


5. 3D Movies

Q: How are you going to fit these over your glasses? A: Not well.

3D glasses photo
Photo by eelke dekker

6. Little Cousin Timmy Wants To Try Them On

The odds of him having PB&J sticky fingers are pretty steep, but hey, that’s why you keep moist towelettes around. Those won’t fix the broken glasses arms though.

young kid photo
Photo by photosavvy

7. Lens Cleaner? Meh.

You used to take meticulous care of your glasses, using that little bottle of cleaner your eye doctor gave you. Now, blow on ’em and wipe with your T-shirt. Done.



8. Rain, Rain, Go Away

I don’t think we need to elaborate on this one.

rainy glasses photo
Photo by quapan

9. No One Recognizes You Without Them

I call this the “Superman Effect.” Glasses on, he’s Clark Kent. Off, the Man of Steel. How has no one in Metropolis ever picked up on this?

Clark Kent photo
Photo by istolethetv

10. Humidity Is A Killer

Same deal as having a mug of tea or going out in the rain. Reach for those paper towels.


11. They Never Stay Clean

I look at mine and think, “I never put my thumb in the middle!” Yet there it is.



12. Fashion Statement AKA An Unavoidable Signature Item

You’ve had ’em so long that they’re a part of you. Haters to the back of the line, please.

Nerds photo
Photo by brennan.v

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