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12 Surprising Uses For Pickle Juice In And Around The Home

I know what you’re thinking… pickle juice? At least, I was—until I heard about all of its uses outside of the pickle jar and started researching it. Now, you, too, will be in on the secrets of what to do with your pickle juice once all the pickles have been eaten.

1. Use It In Meatloaf

Surprisingly, Allrecipes was not the only recipe site to suggest using pickle juice in your meatloaf. I have to say, I was skeptical at first, but once I tried it… yum!

2. Make Macaroni And Cheese With It

Meatloaf isn’t the only dish to make with pickle juice. puts it into macaroni and cheese, too—well, into their “Macaroni And Three Cheeses” recipe. It’s an easy dish to make, with just a few ingredients: three cheeses (ricotta, cheddar, and Parmesan), flour, rotini, and, of course, the pickle juice.

3. Clean Your Copper Pots And Pans

Yep, pickle juice is a cleaning agent, too, and works well to get your copper pans looking new again, says Agnes Ground via Taste of Home.

4. Recycle It (By Reusing It)

Yep, just because your pickle jar is now pickle-free doesn’t mean you can’t reuse the brine. Bon Appétit suggests brining anything from onions and garlic to hard-boiled eggs and soft vegetables.

5. Use It As A Marinade

Looking for a new marinade? Look no further than your newly empty pickle jar. Just combine the brine with a few other ingredients (such as salad oil, garlic, top round beef, and actual dill pickles in this Pickle Marinated Steak recipe by Group Recipes) and you’re all set for dinner.

6. Add It To Your Bloody Mary

A lot of people like to drink Bloody Marys during Sunday brunch, and now you can add pickle juice to the vodka-tomato drink. In this case, the recipe calls for fermented pickle juice, making the drink even more flavorful. (The recipe also suggests you make horseradish ice cubes, but that’s for another article.) So, cheers!

7. Deviled Eggs

This About Food recipe suggests adding pickle juice into its deviled eggs recipe, which makes sense since many deviled eggs recipes call for minced pickles anyway. Your guests will be impressed, so make a double batch.

8. Cook Up A Pot Of Polish Dill Pickle Soup

You may think this sounds odd—Dill Pickle Soup?!—but it’s delicious, trust me. Raised in an Eastern European household, it was a staple in my diet. Recently, I made some for my naysayer friends… and they all asked for seconds. And even thirds. has a great recipe for it, so try it today. It’ll help ward off this winter weather, that’s for sure.

9. Steam Vegetables & Poach Fish In It

Want to add flavor to your steamed vegetables? Just steam them in that leftover pickle juice! If you’re a fan of fish, poach it in pickle juice and you have a new recipe, just like that!

10. Get Rid Of Weeds

Tired of using pesticides on your weeds? Now there’s pickle juice! Vinegar works, too, but if you don’t want to drink the pickle juice yourself (see below) or use it for any of the above, why not as a non-toxic remedy for getting rid of weeds?

11. Drink It Straight… As A Drink

Is pickle juice the new Gatorade (but with less sugar)? I think we can infer that, since some people say chugging it after a run can help restore electrolytes, due in part to the sodium in pickle juice.

People have been trying it out after a workout, for menstrual cramps, and as a hangover remedy. Even Dr. Oz is on board, suggesting that people have ¼ cup of it right when they wake up in the morning to help with hangover symptoms—in order to replenish lost water and electrolytes.

A study on the benefits of pickle juice was done, too. Brigham Young University tried to determine if the juice could help with men’s exercise-induced muscle cramps. The results found that the pickle juice did help the cramping 37 percent faster versus men who only had water afterwards.

12. Pickle Juice… Sno-Cones

Apparently, pickle juice Sno-Cones are big in Texas, and here’s how you can make your own. Perhaps not now, if it’s cold in your part of the country, but you can practice making them now, then make them like a pro come summer.