12 Things Every Wino Needs To Have

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Whether you’ve had a long day at work or not, a glass of wine is always something you can look forward to in the evening. These products will help make your sipping even more enjoyable, too. I know, I know— you didn’t know that was possible. But, I assure you, it is.

These twelve gadgets allow you to take your glass of chardonnay with you wherever you want to go including the bathtub and your outdoor patio. They also make it really easy to enjoy your vino. I mean, an electric wine bottle opener. It doesn’t get better than that.

With these helpful items at your disposal, take a load off and enjoy a chilled glass of wine. You definitely deserve it.

1. Wine-Infused Coffee

Because coffee’s just what gets you through the day until it’s acceptable to drink wine, right? Well, now you can start infusing it a littler earlier.

Screen shot 2016-03-12 at 8.59.49 PM

Merlot Infused Coffee, $19.95, UncommonGoods

2. Wine Hook

A wine and bath session does wonders for you, so have something to hold your wine when it’s time to rinse out the shampoo.


SipCaddy, $13.95, Amazon

3. Wine Opener & Chiller

An electric wine opener and chiller (that’s cordless) makes it easy to set up the party wherever you need it. As close to the couch as possible is preferable, isn’t it?


Rechargeable & Cordless Wine Opener & Chiller, $29.99, Amazon

4. Wine2Go

A portable wine cooler is just the kind of thing you need when you need your wine on the move.


Wine2Go, $8.85, Amazon

5. The Essential Guide To Wine

A book that’s all about knowing what wine pairs well with different types of food, etc. is going to turn you into quite the educated connoisseur.


Wine Folly: The Essential Guide To Wine, $14.88, Amazon

6. Wine Cheese Board

Wine and cheese makes quite the delicious combo, so enjoy them together whenever possible.


Wine Shaped Cutting and Serving Board, $17.22, Amazon

7. No-Spill Wine Glass

A glass that’s hard to tip over is just the kind of thing you’ll need when you’re a few glasses in, if you know what I mean.


Sempli Set of 2 Cupa Wine Glasses, $52, Amazon

8. Wine Spout

This aerator and spout all-in-one tool is practically screaming, “Tip me over and pour me out.”


Amazer Aerator Pourer, $9.70, Amazon

9. Wine For The Outdoors

If you like to entertain outdoors, then this is just the kind of set up you’ll need. Have your wine bottle and glasses easily accessible without having to drag out a table.


Picnic Stix Set, $12.79, Amazon

10. Wine Markers

These wine markers will help you keep up with your glass, as if you were planning on it leaving your hand, that is.


Wine Enthusiast 3-Pack Wine Glass, $9.15, Amazon

11. Wine Rack

Where else are you going to store your collection?


Wall Mount Wine Rack, $60, Amazon

12. Wine Socks

When your night’s all about Netfilx and chilled wine, these are sure to come in handy.

Screen shot 2016-03-12 at 9.18.57 PM

Wine Crew Socks, $11.25, Amazon

If you’re sipping on glass of your favorite wine as we speak, be sure to have a glass (or two) for me, too. Cheers!

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