12 Things You Need In Your Office Supply Kit

Little slip ups happen all the time at work. Be prepared for any accidents by having an office emergency kit at your desk.

These little essentials can really change the way that you handle your day and leave you wondering why you hadn’t thought of this before. Here are a few essential items to keep at your desk that will help you tackle any unexpected office emergency.

1. Bandages

From paper cuts to bothersome blisters, combat a plethora of workday nightmares by keeping a few bandages at your desk. Princess-theme is optional.

band aid photo
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2. Headache Relief

Say goodbye to midday aches and pains by keeping a mild pain reliever in your desk drawer.

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3. Lotion

Dry, cracked hands getting you down? Stash a small bottle of lotion at your desk to ward off any dry skin. When used in small amounts, it’s even great for taming frizzy hair.

lotion photo
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4. Floss

Keep your smile looking dazzling all day long by keeping floss handy. Let your co-workers know what you had for lunch via your Instagram and not your teeth.

floss teeth photo
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5. Lip Balm

As the weather gets colder, our skin tends to become drier. Combat chapped lips this fall by bringing a spare lip balm to the office.

lip balm photo
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6. Stain Removing Pen

Keep yourself looking professional and put together by keeping your clothing stain-free. Fix any accidental stains by having a stain removing pen on hand. No more embarrassing stains at the office.

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7. Deodorant Removing Sponge

Remove those pesky white marks by using a deodorant removing sponge. Wondering where to buy one? Hollywood Secrets has a great option that removes deodorant stains instantly.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets

8. Breath Mints

Banish coffee breath with a few mid-morning mints. Keep your breath smelling minty fresh for any co-workers or clients you come into contact with.

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9. Lint Roller

Dandruff or pet dander getting you down? Sweep any unwanted hair away with a lint roller. It’s great for keeping your clothes looking fresh and professional.

lint roller photo
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10. Phone Charger

Don’t be caught with a dying phone. Keep a spare phone charger at your desk in order to keep your phone alive all day long.

phone charger photo
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11. Deodorant

Feeling less than squeaky clean? Freshen up with deodorant throughout the day to keep body odor at bay.

deodorant photo
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12. Small Umbrella

Nothing like a surprise rain storm to ruin your commute home. Be prepared for any rainy day by keeping a small umbrella at the office.

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