12 Things People With Curly Hair Can Totally Relate To


Dealing with curly hair is no easy feat. Having corkscrew curls myself, I can definitely relate to challenges that the weather presents, being thankful that I’m not tender-headed as I yank at my hair, the list goes on and on.

I know every other curly-haired person is nodding along right now, too, because you know what I’m talking about.

There are some things that people with straight hair just don’t understand about what we go through on a daily basis. Just to name a few, here are 12 things that people with twisted tendrils can totally relate to.

1. The Weather’s Ability To Change Your Look

Don’t you hate when you have your hair looking just right— and then you have to actually go outside. Yeah, the feeling is mutual.


2. Why Is The Conditioner Always Gone?

There never seems to be enough conditioner, you know? I try to stock up on one bottle of shampoo and two bottles of conditioner at a time.


3. No Brushes Allowed

I can’t speak for all types of curls, necessarily, but I don’t even own a brush because the one time I brushed my hair— very bad things happened. Combs only for this girl.


4. Most Of The Time, Frizz Wins

The fact that you can never fully defeat the frizz is something that you just have to learn to live with.


5. Morning Showers Only

I definitely choose to shower in the morning if I’m planning on leaving my hair down. Sleeping with wet hair = a tangled mess in the morning.


6. Waking Up Early So You Can Comb Your Hair

Then, of course, along with those early showers comes the task of spending minutes upon minutes getting all of the knots out.


7. Short Hair Is Never As Short As It Seems

“Short” hair is very misleading for ladies with curls. It’s always longer than it seems.

curly hair

8. Activities Totally Affecting Your Look

You weren’t planning on dancing, running or breaking any kind of sweat were you? Because if so, you can kiss the way your hair looks right now goodbye.


9. The Ability To Get Attached To Things With Your Hair

I’ve definitely gotten caught on a doorknob or two in my day. I’m not proud of it, but it’s true. Be careful when the wind blows!


10. The Struggles Of Straightening Your Hair

I don’t straighten my hair ever really because the one time I did I wound up looking like Cousin It. Oh yeah, and it took hours to do.


11. Realizing How Lucky You Are Not To Have To Curl Your Hair

Although, us curly-Qs do luck out with the whole not having to own a curling iron thing.


12. How Amazing The Bounciness Is

And, curls do have a nice bounce to them, don’t they?


Despite how much work it is and how frustrating they can be at times— I do love my long curly locks, and you should, too.

[h/t: BuzzFeed]

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