12 Ways To Get More Use Out Of Your Used Tea Bags

Tea bags can be used for more than just making that afternoon cup of tea you love so much, even after they’ve been used to make your drink. That’s right. You can steep your tea and still manage to get use out of that tea bag.

Used tea bags can eliminate odors, add flavor to pasta and even freshen up your bath. So, if you’re already into the benefits of tea, you’re going to really enjoy making the effects even longer-lasting.

Get that kettle on because you’re going to want to drink your tea and then use it in any of these 12 ways immediately after.

1. Eliminate Odors

Dried out used tea bags around your home can be used as potpourri or placed in shoes to eliminate odors to get your home smelling fresh again.

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2. Spruce Up Carpets

Mix dried tea leaves with baking soda and sprinkle the mixture onto your carpets to help eliminate odors. Let it sit for 15 minutes or so and then vacuum it right up.

Now that we have carpet for the first time, we need a vacuum for the first time. Behold the lovely little Miele, which nicely sucks up all of the fuzzy bits of wool which the new carpet is prone to shed.

3. Get Grease & Grime Off Dirty Dishes

Soak your dishes in warm water and add a couple of tea bags to scrub a little less to get those pots and pans clean again.


4. Use In Your Garden

Run water through used tea bags again and water your plants with the watered down tea. It will help protect them from getting fungal infections.


5. Add Flavor To Pasta & Grains

Flavor oats, noodles and more by keeping a used tea bag in the water as it boils. Subtle, but delicious flavor will make for an even better meal. Check out this recipe that uses tea-flavored grains.

The Chic Life

6. Freshen Up Your Bath

Leave used tea bags in your bath as it fills to enjoy the soothing benefits of chamomile and more as you soak.


7. Deter Pests

Tucking used tea bags in cabinets and drawers will help keep the mice away.

tea bag

8. Remove Refrigerator Odors

Placing a few tea bags around on the shelves of your refrigerator will allow them to soak up bad smells, leaving you with a fresh-smelling fridge again.


9. Treat Sunburns

After tea bags have cooled, place them on the sunburned area for a few minutes to let the leaves soothe the red, burning skin.


10. Clean Wood Furniture

Dipping a rag in tea water and rubbing it along wooden surfaces will reduce the appearances of nicks and scratches and will leave them shining.


11. Reduce Eye Puffiness

You’ve heard of placing cucumbers over your eyes, well that trick works just as well with used tea bags, too.

Screen shot 2016-01-31 at 11.50.07 PM
Hello Glow

12. Relax With A Rice Heat Pack

You can DIY your very own heated rice pack that will help you relax and smell great by adding in some dried tea leaves. Follow this tutorial for all of the warm relaxation you can DIY.

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I bet you didn’t know you could drink your tea and do all of this with it, too. What are you waiting for? Have a cup of tea and then put those bags to good use. Because they’re good ‘til the last sip and more.

[h/t: Natural Living Ideas & Divine Caroline]

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